April 11th, 2003



Z was playing with me this morning... :D

oh, and you can see the web site [ :: friday picture here :: ]

Morning... man, what a strange - but wonderful - way to start the day. :D
We woke up to the soft sound of George, calmly speaking from the foot of our bed...
he is normally that last one up, and in our bed at that...
He was dressed, and letting us know that he would be waiting for us downstairs...
Hello? Suz? quick, go downstairs and make sure that's him!
Then he went on to eat his whole breakfast... no arguement... I fully expect the moon to be bright blue tonight.

~ gray ftls...
~ dk blue p-z t with my fav txt v-neck
~ blue jeans [ :: friday's jeans picture :: ]
Note a) I have no bum and b) check an almost awake Z agreeing with me on the "where's my bum?" issue... :D
~ to read... read read read and then, just to be different... read some more... I've several hundred pages of project data to consume.
~ write a S6 update at lunch... oh, man... heidi...
~ friday night? after this morning... I have high hopes for an odd but fun evening
~ that a friend... sickboy is well and truly ok... and watch out for the killer shower at his place if you ever visit.
~ that my Carolina sugar... (kimberly27616) gets... coffee... and a little Avery action... :D
~ to point out that if you don't know knightsdawn... you're missing something in this experience. :D
~ to shoot a big "I hear ya" over to amyaustin on that Fark Headline... ;)
~ I would freaking remember to download that evanescence video ... (I'll get there tonight... :D)
~ to point out that this... (http://www.livejournal.com/stats/latest.bml) is awsome... Thanks brad...
~ to point you at a good laugh over in my sweet texas sugar's journal (er, that's jennfromtx)...
check the picture out [ :: here :: ]

Ok... one last thing... I'm listening to the radio this morning on the way to work... one of the stations plays this "morning smile" thing... the Monty Python "Always look on the bright side of life" song... to respond to a listeners call-in with a sob story... todays sob story was from this girl that was at her boyfriends house last night... meeting his parents for the first time. She was kinda nevous... after dinner she and he went downstairs to watch a video together. Half way through the movie, she felt what she thought was a bug crawling across her chest... She jumped up screaming and tearing at her button-up shirt... which ripped completely off... Of course, the guys parents came downstairs to see what was wrong... There she is... shirt in hand, red faced... Oh, and no bug... it was her long hair tickeling... bwaahahaha...

Hey! Have a great day mmk. :D I'm totally sure I'm gonna have a great day so ... get over here and enjoy it with me.
(ps. have I told you I love you lately?)
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