April 9th, 2003



Ok... those are Z's fingers... she'd just woken up and was not gonna let me get her bed-head in the shot... :D

Jenny was sweet, show a smile for the people she meets
I'm trouble, let's drive, I don't know the way you came alive
News is blue (the news is blue), has its own way to get to you
What can I do (what can I do), when I remember my time with you
Sniff n' the tears
(love that song... it's a driving toon)

~ gray haines bbs
~ dk blue dockers
~ black t and a sorta silk shirt
~ to go to a "meet the prez" coffee thing this morning...
edit: just got back from that...
~ team meeting later this morning
~ start my new "role" with a big project this afternoon.
~ I don't think it's a new west wing tonight... (poo!)
~ to look forward to a visit from canuckgirl in May... :D
~ that I get a chance to make a birthday wish or two today...
~ for sweet princessblondie to be gett'en better and better and better....
~ for the patience to let sleeping dogs lie... or was that to let barking dogs bark all they want and not let myself be baited by their neverending shit?

It's a crazy-beautiful day here... just a btw kinda thing. The sun is filling the sky and everything is getting mushy... maybe spring will come back!! :D

birthday baby...

Happy Birthday Sugar-Snaps!!!

Dianne...the Sparklegrrl... is the owner of the "Sugar-Snaps" nick (in my book) and it's her birthday.

She's been a wonderful cube buddie (with her Dianne@work cam) and lj friend for a long, long time and I wanted to take a moment to just fawn all over the place about what a treasure she is!!

I keep seeing my friends having the opportunity to get together with her and getting to know her, her hubby and their adorable family... well, just colour me green yo!

A beautiful, smart and absolutely sparkling woman... I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that this next year brings you every opportunity to be with your friends that you can handle. :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Dianne... Happy Birthday to you!!!


a lovely evening... with the time change and some nice weather... I'm rather enjoying the chance to return to "evening play time".
[:: click the thumbs for pics ::]

we played outside... :D

holy serious looking kid...

and, holy adorable... :D

Geo made it to sleep pronto tonight... but he sure played hard tonight... Edward? is still awake and showing up in the office to let us know he is "still awake" every 10 minutes... arggg. :D


Oh, and because an lj friend deserves this...

"Gosh, the New York Islanders sure outplayed the Senators tonight."

(but that's only one game!) :D