April 8th, 2003


chicks with dicks...

Yeah... so I'm a bit of a spaz. (and quiet with the "a bit?" stuff) My office is a window seat at the end of a double row of cubicles with a neighbor... we share file cabinat space etc. I'm just getting to know her. I get to work and unpack my lunch and stuff and unlock everything... open my overhead cupboard... you know, the sort of thing that folds up and pushes over the shelf? Normally I put my shit in there, and close it... 'cause it looks nicer that way... and I actually made the concious decision to leave it open for some unknown reason... then I lean in to plug my handheld in to the sync cable and WHACK. I crack my forehead against the corner of the shelf cover sticking out just so... I mean, I'm sitting here with a red mini goose egg on my forehead. It was a "thunk", silence, followed quickly by my voice quietly saying "shiiiiii" then stopping. Four different people called out a "Ouch!!! You ok?" hahaha.. "Morning neighbor... how'd ya like me so far?" well, she brought yummi Tim Hortons muffins. I wonder if I should hold one against the bump ??

Any ways...

~ black leather thong
~ skin tight rubber pants
~ giant puffy pirate shirt
~ huge pirate hat with feathers...
~ Do you read this part? really? lol...
~ boss is back this aft from a week off to welcome his new baby
~ a morning of prepping stuff to be mr. organized before he gets here. :D
~ to not have a head ache today... smashing my head into things not withstanding (not sure how "not withstanding" works there but it seems to sound ok)
~ maybe watch a movie with Z tonight...
~ that today is a little better for my amazing friend kitykity...
~ to point out that baybabayba is a god... well a goddess... and I will absolutely never ever ever ever piss her off... yikes. :)
~ that my man-across-the-sea, knightsdawn enjoys that itty bitty camera... cool yo!
~ oh, and that my sweet friend... a member of the super hero crew (moms in general = superheros) reens feels better quick!!!

Hey ... you know... what is with some people that they wage
battles in cyber life framed on the notion that they don't like how
someone else conducts themselves in their journals...
There was a delightful mantra from a while back...
"My Journal Mine" that I really appreciate
because it reminds me that the point of this is not to control others
but maybe to control ourselves.
I'm talking about other people now but lets just say it was me...
'cause I know I make a great target (look at the giant red X on my head!)
If you didn't like the things I wrote in my journal what would you do about it?
Drop me ... that would make sense...
write about me in your journal deriding me?
that wouldn't make much sense to me but I guess it's your right.

The thing is... what the hell are you getting out of it?
Are you doing the world a favour by warning everyone else about what a dork I am?
Cool you... glad you elected yourself dork police chief.
I'm a little more inclinded to think people can make up their own minds.
Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to read a journal you don't like ... yo!
Now it's another thing all together to rant about something that drives you bonkers...
hell, I do that all the time.
But don't tell me you don't know the difference between bitching and being a dick.
Bitching is cool... but there are certainly enough dicks in the world already... hmmm.
Besides... chicks look silly with dicks.
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Last night.

So I'm on the phone... talking to my mom.
It's dark... it's quite late... like the middle of the night.
I'm in the kitchen, pacing...
I hear Z and Ed in the living room and when Ed makes a sudden noise
I look over and he's pointing at something making a scary face
Something about water...
Z instantly takes on the panic face
I'm walking towards them...
I'm putting my mom off on the phone..
I'm running...
Z is standing
Ed is screaming...
Water... water... water...
I get to the living room
Everyone is screaming...
I turn towards the direction they are pointing
and as I turn I'm struck with one of those mind-shout things...
Full on... furious... loud...
and then wake up.
Absolutely mortified.
It took a full minute to just stop hyper breathing.

Awsome nightmare. just awsome.


nak nak's totally rock. (and the pun is unintentional)

When we were in Disney World we went to the "Downtown Disney Buy Stuff" zone and saw these little toys in a ginormous store filled with every conceivable disney toy... and all the kids (*ours included) were packed around this one table displaying (and letting the kids play with) nak naks.

Now they're a McDonalds happy meal toy... and I'm certain they're available at Wally Land.

They will be huge... really. k


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and now for something completely different...

So I saw something tonight that kinda got my buns in a ruffle.
A post. ...
well, actually a reply to a comment in a post...
three people...
a rather nasty piece of work that breaks all the rules.
Who's rules?
Why my rules of course.
And before that get's yer back up... we all have rules. Face it.

On the heals of this mornings mini rant I'm gonna leave off because it's unrelated and too much on that topic is just bad karma.

One thing though;

Pretty well any guy can become a father... but it takes a lot more than sperm to be a parent.