April 7th, 2003


yeah so...

It's just beautiful out there today...
I mean, cold as hell, but sunny and amazing...
the promise of spring better find it's way back soon... brrrrr...
It's a good morning to chew up a little crack and sort out work life. :D

The thing about this office... is that the default "cube" zone has your back to the space where people arrive... I hate that. I tend to get seriously emmersed in what I work on and someone coming up behind me is the stuff of shreaks and spilled coffee... So I have my little "rear view" mirror on the monitor... but it kinda drives my eyes nutty.

OH... and I wanted to send out mad-sweet-yo stuff to sometimes59... you can do this!!!!!

~ black ftls
~ gray ... kinda blue'ish... dress pants
~ blue mock neck long sleeve... mock mock ... mock mock... (love / hate thing with that word)
~ dk blue v-neck sweater with suede (sp??) shoulder things
~ to plug the cam in and let 'er rip ... a damn the torpedos kind of a thing...
~ tomorrow is kind of a d-day around here with a lot of work starting up when the boss gets back... so I'm working on low stress stuff today. :D
~ to start a new web site for my mom... she is a selling watercolour artist and she needs a web site. :D
~ to tell brazenangel... well, that I think so too. :D
~ I could accurately explain the kind of good vibes I pulled off of LJ this morning ... there's a lot of good things going on with some friends and it makes me so happy for them it's silly...
~ oh, and some girl in Burbank made me cry this morning... (shhh... it was a good kind of cry... and low sneaky kinda don't-notice-this thing... :D)
~ they had cream in the fridge here... they don't... grrrrr....
~ I need a hair cut... just say'en.

Yeah... so I have this thing happen to my head... I wrap it up with the migrain issues I have... but at certain times... I can get this nagging head ache that kinda cramps my neck and hurts... and if I strain at anything significant it - litterally - ramps up to be this shooting freakish pain in my temple on only one side (this time it was the right side although I'm not sure if it ever happens on the left or what). Any ways, the point is that after the nagging head ache leads to a "strain and pain" killer thing that settles down and ultimately leads to what I have now... (the nagging head ache part was thursday, friday, and saturday... then strain-and-pain on Saturday night)... like a knot, cramp, crrrrick and ouch on the back of my neck and my head. I keep rubbing the spot... we'll see. Exciting huh...

Ok... gotta go be worker boy... see ya muchachos et muchachas... :)
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grand wizards burn good too you know.

Yeah, Ok... so I was just watching CNN... and it's time to share.

Note: um, headache - in remission, after a few hours sleep and appropriate medication... (people that suffer several migraines per month... must be made of some seriously tough stuff. I'm like 10 a year on a bad year)

Ok... back to CNN. I'm just saying... Burning a Cross and wearing a white (or whatever) robe with a pointy little hood is the same as having "I am a fucking moron" tattooed on your forehead.

I don't care where you grew up, who your primary influences were... You're a member of the KKK? You're an idiot. You want to burn a cross and demand that it is an expression of the rights given you by the "founding fathers".... suck my cock, you're an asshole.

A friend I had in High School that grew up and ultimately moved back to Virginia, once said to me... "American? A Black President? hahaha... look, with 10 million card carrying members of the KKK I don't fucking think so..." To which I simply responded with silence... agog* at the notion.

* wohoo... I got to say agog in a sentence.