April 2nd, 2003



So ... I've finally taken the time to finish up the A Day In Our Lives post about the boys day at Disney's Magic Kingdom. :D

[ :: This is the link :: ]

or you can get there from my web site (www.corto.ca/corto) in the "Gallery" section.

(and it may, like the rest of my ADIML posts... look a bit odd in lower resolutions... go minimum 1024 soon ok! :)



~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue p-z long sleeve
~ kinda groovy silky button up shirt ...dark gray... (I like!)
~ to buy a Shakira CD... I honestly think I like the spanish language stuff the most... (must look more into spanish lyric music)
~ meeting with uber boss later this morning... my direct boss is a new parent as of yesterday so I'm shuffeling up a level to get boss time
~ client presentation at 2:00 today.
~ hunt this freaking building from top to bottom looking for my keyboard (must use MS Natural keyboard of my tendonitis goes mental...)
~ New West Wing tonight... and it's gonna be a good one!!
~ ok... I kinda hesitated to deal with Kyms post yesterday about the bear on her roof... April one and all... but she totally hooked me this morning... nbbmom ... that's what April Fools jokes are all about.
~ I was standing somewhere close to giggly_girl is... just so I poke her with a stick and see if she explodes. :D (snicker)
~ oh and now I really wanna talk to razzberee and here that voice!!!!
~ congrats to sweet pammy (passerine) on the car!!
~ and I hope all is well with blonnie and the job zone after the take-over... word! I know what's that all about in spades yo! (*looks around new office*)
~ to send a comforting type hand out to dawna as she and her main squeeze walk that road... it's a journey of many small steps and every one of them is worth it.
~ that shebear keeps drawing... me likes!!! :D
~ and a quick Hi and good luck this week out to just1girl as she settles into her new job. Just no cursing at your computer when it acts up... :D (lol)

I downloaded "Phone Booth" yesterday and watched the first half before I went to bed... it really clips along... I like movies like this... although I can see that a lot of people may not. The supporting roles are being played so well... very real people... and one big big freak with a riffle.

Ok... I'm zoooooming off to a meeting. L8er Sk8ers.
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Black satin gloves than end at her shoulder
dancing the tango with fire in her eyes
and the threat of blood on her lips.

Spiked black patent leather shoes
cracking against the floor like gun shots
holding every eye like a prisoner of her dance.

"Her eyes will forever hold the passion of the tango."
So thinks her lover as he remembers thier lives.
He moves in close to stand beside her, and her
great grandchildren wait helplessly for her tender graces.