March 31st, 2003



So I called into work and made the necessary arrangements to stay here and get done what really needs to get done. When that's over, I'll look again at the idea of heading into work. One way or another, this client is getting a final document today. :D

The only case of SARS in Ottawa was given a clean bill of health yesterday... although there are still plenty of active quarenteens (sp?) going on... So far there have been four SARS deaths in Ontario. It's a freaky kind of scary thing if you think about it... with their smarty pants ways ... and the doctors have no freaking idea how to beat this brand spanking new thing.

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ icon shirt... look at the icon...
~ but that will all have to change this aft when I go into the office
~ to sit here... at my desk at home... and finish a report.
~ get into my "new" office at some point, preferably before 2:00 pm
~ totally freaking chill out tonight because ... I'll be done. :)
~ A huge congratulations and grand excitement to a precious friend (txdevil, or should I say Mrs. Tony M.) on the ring...
~ more breekola wishes... just that she gets her wishes...
~ to congratulate a friend mobiusant on her engagement... big up and a big smile...
~ that chrissmari feels a wee bit better ... and life gets less complicated.
~ well... just thinking about a friend, talashandy and today being Monday and all... I hop it's all good.

I swear I have some kind of "bite" on my right hand... on the meaty part of my thumb... red, hard, and way sore... wft? bizzar. Any ways, I need to fly... so much to do... so little time. See ya. :D