March 30th, 2003



Um... today is SWEETxANDxSOUR ...that's sweetxandxsour day! :D
~ I hope you see this... and I hope you have a great day!!

So the new shelves, new desks and generally speaking new office, is mostly done. I've got some clutter to sort out but I'm really loving it.
My side of the room [ :: looks like this :: ] [ :: and like this! :: ]
And a view to Z's side from my desk... [ :: looks like this... :: ]

~ morning sweats
~ a smile
~ a shower!!! asap!
~ taikwando at 1:00
~ nursing poor Geo and his little cut finger.
~ work! I've a full afternoon of work to do for a client
~ finish what we started yeasterday...more on that in a sec
~ New ALIAS tonight... :D
~ for poor little snooky Drew (ladyfire's little boy) to get past the exceptionally ouchi stage of his little seriously broken arm!
~ that my friend, abbybaby never stops getting those messages from her little boy...
~ to send out some lj loven to breekola... she's got a sweet voice. :D
~ that I hadn't missed yet another wolfiegirl truth or dare extraveganza... and mind that gass nikki!
~ boots!!! a wish that I get to see lindalee_ in a picture with those boots!!!
~ and that willedit gets to show off that new-do! (great hair yo!)

Yesterday was all about Crown Molding... and no there are no little green dots on my crown... I'm talking about finishing the bedroom paint job by putting up crown molding! Z painted the room with this Ralph Lauren paint... kind of a textured thing... and yesterday we bought miles of crown molding ... I bought pre-made corners but I'm taking them back... for I am captain miter box and I'm all proud of cutting the corners properly. :D Much measuring... plenty of cutting after freaking tonnes of measuring and painting them all last night. Today we nail 'em up... I entertained the idea of renting a nail gun... but holy moly... that would cost a fortune! ... box of nails... $2.98. Nail and "touch-up".

Ok... so I'm off to the showers... see ya and have a great day!!!

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I have a pimple...
you know...
a painful little fucker...
you'd think that not getting pimples would some kind of consolation prize for making it past 40...