March 26th, 2003




"dad!!! wait... I'll be right there.... "
~ snicker
(um... just say'en ... the colour and image quality is pretty good on that pic)

Dust... I hate fricken dust. Oh and so Celine Dione walks into this bar, and bartender looks up and says "Hey Celine, why the long face?" "You Suck!". Memories of when some bone head actually tried to market an Ann Murry concert as "canada's metal queen" (no, really)...

~ black ftls
~ kinda-blue/gray - kinda-kahki cargos... warm and pockets everywhere...
~ a gray t and a comfy bluenotes sweater.
~ time sheet hell... new company, new TSs ... blah.
~ to ignore the universe and focus on a project report
~ enjoy our new office at home... :)
~ get something accomplished with the A Day In Our Lives post about the kids at magic kingdom
~ to just shoot a little hi and hug out to kat69m just 'cause.
~ someone would tell nordicgrrl if last nights buffy was new... :)
~ that my favorite slutty assassin (occipitaldruid) has a great day! :D
~ a little "5 good years" anniversary out to Mike and Tonya... She's making me remember when z and I realized we were bf and gf..... :D
~ there was something I could do for my friend brazenangel... although I can send you a vh5* and a hug or two... :)
~ mmk... I have to say, it's been altogether way WAY too long since I've had any lakme... "get in ma belli" yo... so I'm wishing I had some... ya know.
~ and a very deeply felt wish for better vibes in the life and times of my friend kimberly27616Kimberly90210
remember: Survivor is on tonight!!

You know... I bet, if the cards had been dealt a different way... I'd have made a good nanny.

*vh5 : virtual high five.

Memory: Suzanne and I met while working at a Canada Employment Center for Students ... we were placement officers getting other student's jobs that paid more than ours... gah! ... our first date was going out to the movies... we went to see "The Untouchables" at The Bytown Theater, and had a quick dinner at Harvies (fast food... I am soooo classy) ... um, we were served by a woman that very seriously looked exactly like The Eagle from The Muppets. First kiss... in the car, parked near the theater, after the movie. :D That was 16 years ago.

a moment of thought in a busy day.

regarding a certain community of ever-so-precious lemmings...
... who have so completely forgotten that time withers that which you did not earn.

"Your esthetic has become your only tender."

~ brought to you by the connection of mental pathways resulting from the observation of others... personally, I have no shame, and like Italian Racing, that which is behind me, is of no concern.
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geezus... Shakira. Wash that one and bring her to my tent!!!

hahaha... no seriously though...

I'm crushing on the music ...
I even, gasp, loaded kazaa lite (net guys at work will now officially kill me) to grab the music.

It's a guaranteed thing that I will look extra funny singing in the car on the drive home...

and on that subject... Todays work day is OVER!!

remember: for the friends that need reminding.... Survivor is on TONIGHT.

ps. vina has drop dead gorgeous hair... er... everything actually, but that's not the point.


mmk... g'night... I'm what? 17 minutes behind sched... but I'm going now!

See ya tomorrow...

er... three things...

~ survivor... it's like I'm swimming in material... geez... talk about making it easy on me...
~ west wing... words fail to adequately describe how much I enjoy that show.
~ a bedtime wish...

That sweet princessblondie is doing well... I miss her.

Night night.