March 24th, 2003


hmm ... oh g'day. :D

Yeah, ok... so it starts... :D Walk softly and carry a big stick... kind of a theme for my week.

Watching the Oscars last night... couldn't help smiling when the human dessert... er, Nicole, got her award and considered the headline "Nicole finally gets her big O".

oh, and that guy - Adrien Brody, winning the big nod for his part in the movie "The Pianist"... I wonder if he'll get together with the woman from that play "The Virginia Monoglogues". oh wait... ;)

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers again
~ warm beige ginormous turtleneck (again)
~ prosthetic rambo plastic chest and arm thing... (ok, not... but I can pretend... or as Joey would say "printend")
~ continue to plug away at a client report
~ dissassemble more furniture for transport home...
~ start backing up shit on the dev servers...
~ monday night? beaver night... and some hard core geek stuff if I can stay awake.
~ to print off the last two weeks of my Burbank Angel, 'cause I need to catch up...
~ to come up with something amazing to do for Z ... just 'cause she's deserving a little something... date night is coming.
~ that frozenone has an absolute blast in the land of never ending sun, surf and silly drinks.
~ to point people to amythyst's journal for a recent entry that provides an excellent list of links to news sites ... excellent entry sugar!
~ a huge welcome home to ladyfire whom I'm glad to say is safe and sound. (yeah)
~ you'd click to visit [ a consumer warning ] put up by elliriel... more people should do stuff like this!!
~ that my sweet friend arlyn has a great vacation!!!
~ and polarbear gets it back up again... (giggle) :D
~ I could get past how silly I feel when I type "word!" as a reply to a post.. I mean, it feels right but looks silly... :D

~ it's not the man, it's the nation... like it or not. Power corrupts, but the founding fathers knew that... it's an old lesson. The system of checks and balances does more to minimize the draw back of that much power than any other system of government on the planet. Spend a few years in university learing about it, then have an opinion or be ready to accept that you are being manipulated by forces greater than you will most likely ever recognized. In the mean time, take careful note that there has always been a super power... ALWAYS. It's been worse... and it certainly could be a shit-load worse than this. Two or more superpowers is just a whole lot more frightening...
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