March 23rd, 2003



Yeah, ok... talk much.
Sheesh... I take a day off and zing... elevendy seven million entries go by. haha...

~ go team go. I could say a lot more... but when my brother jumps in the water, and I don't want to... it doesn't mean I don't want him to climb out safe and sound. Hell, I even want him to have a good swim... And I'm certainly not gonna get 11 thousand of my friends together and go on a big rant about hating water. Besides... those 11 thousand friends have their own agenda... usually sponsored by manipulators that sicken me. I just didn't want to go swimming.

~ sweat pants and a gap hoodie
~ a bedhead that just wont quit.
~ to look for bionical pieces with George...
~ to wake up poo poo little got-a-bad-cough Ed
~ make more coffee
~ play Middle Earth Risk with George (and make Ed think he's playing too... )
~ clean something
~ oh, shower... big time... need shower.
~ taekwando this aft.
~ our home office was 2 inches wider... trying to fit some square pegs in the trapazoid hole is driving us bonkers... (furniture woahs*)
~ that a dear friend willedit has a managable few weeks with the main-squeeze on the road... you are a strong woman Michelle.
~ that my friend talashandy finds some clue....
~ inspectorjury can handle his fame,
~ that I connect with a sweet little ball of texas soon... jennfromtx... maybe today?

I watched a movie with Geo and Ed yesterday about a kid that makes an unfortunate wish on a magic coin and his little brother vanishes along with the requisit big changes in his family due to not ever having had the little brother. A family-chanel movie thing... I was in tears at the end... go me... it was cute... "dad? what's wrong..." "nothing... I just liked the movie..." "oh, well stop cry'en about it ok! sheesh." hahaha... "go feed yer fish". :D

Ok... I gotta go be dad... see ya soon. :D

* is that how you spell that?


little observations:

~ if I live to be a thousand years old, and in all that never ever hear Ethal Murman sing again... well, that would be a good thing.
~ I have a hard time not picturing the SNL skit of the Jeopardy Game Show when ever I see Sean Connery.
~ It kinda makes me feel old to think of Kate Hudson as hot... and remember that I used to crush on Goldie when I was a kid.