March 21st, 2003



You know... when the guy with the furry catepillar on his lip sets the oil wells on fire... he's sticking it to the people of Iraq. Make no mistake... right or wrong, the invasion of Iraq is on and a regime change will result. The oil that Iraq has been trading, under UN control, for food and medician will soon be used to pay for much of the rebuilding effort... Sure, the US will be buying the lions share of that oil, but if the ability to produce that oil is diminished then so too is the Iraqui peoples ability to support the rebuilding of their country.

~ black ftls
~ b.u.m. equip blue jeans
~ gap t-shirt and a gap hoodie
~ er... yeah, the [ :: friday's other picture :: ]
~ to have a visit from Z later today to make sure I've picked out the right piece of furnature for her... I'm buying a workstation from the "ashes of the office" for her.
~ to have another visit from my sorta-sis-in-law who is also buying some furniture.
~ work work work... I'm a little behind now... (the end of March looms!!!) so I gotta knuckle under.
~ that my sweet friend queenveets, er... get's her vaccuum... among other things. (and I hope things don't get any more complicated then they absolutely have too!)
~ to shoot a little warm vibe thing over to my pal arlyn just 'cause.
~ a happy b-day to someone named 'donny'... he's khisanth's husband... and I'm making that wish because he has really go to be a descent sort from all that she has said and been through. A very supportive and loving man. I'm glad he is in your life sugar...
~ for peace among the felines in the house of sometimes59!!! LOL.
~ to point out that I am really jealous of aristophren... hard core. :)
~ for a little peace to find it's way into a friends journal... that's for you abbybaby.

So, ok... I don't have much hair left... and I keep it kinda short ... certainly in contrast to my "long hair" days (about three centuries ago!) but never the less I still have to "do" something to it in the morning after the shower... It's a PD day today so I was doing the quiet-up today and getting myself out with a minimum of fuss. Up, shower, shave, dress, make coffee, eat something, brush teeth and nick up to the office to snap a morning pic... and there's ma lovely head... every frigg'en hair standing straight out after the default head-rub-with-a-towel after the shower... Er.. the point is, I shaved staring into a mirror.. I checked my clothing choices in a hall way mirror... I brushed my teeth in front of a mirror... but in all of that, I never looked at my hair? No idea how that's possible... So I zoomed back to the bathroom and did my hair-thing and took the picture. :)

(Which reminds me.. I need to snap a bunch of goofy pictures to feed content to the Master Picture Man... that's inspectorjury btw.)


Ok, gotta go... see ya.
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I stopped working to watch some realplayer video.... I am shocked and I am awed.

How necessary was that? I know... I realize that you don't do a half assed job if you're going to do something like this.
But holy fucking shit. You think the Twin Towers made a mess... that will look like a dirty ashtray compared to this.