March 14th, 2003



Morn'en ... happy friday. Of course, true to form... I'm supposed to get all kinds of crap done at work... at least I'm in jeans. (Kind of a mini pyschological protest after signing my contract :D) . It's friday... so that means the music from the Strong-Bad web site is playing from the speakers at pretty well everybody's pc... it's the Friday morning ritual around here.

Today is going to be all about music... headphones and loud music until I drag my sorry ass outta here. ;)

~ black ftls...
~ blue jeans
~ er... yup... [ :: friday's other picture :: ]
~ black T
~ comfry dk blue turtleneck...
~ write a S6 update.
~ try to get something... anything! accomplished for my primary client...
~ cruze on plenty (no really ... fucking gallons required) of coffee... (I have GOT to start going to bed before 2:00 ... er... 3:00... shit.
~ rent a movie and get comfy on the really big sofa with Z tonight.
~ that my little Edward is doing ok... we woke up at 6 :00 this morning to him having a raging fever... like 103 in one ear and 104 in the other... I was wiping him down with a cloth and got some tempra into him... he was good to go by 8:00 ... temp down but I'm a wee bit worried.
~ that my friends.... would zing over to visit frozenone... it's time to bulk up the new guy with some friendships... he's a hard core No Doubt fan and a great guy. Go on ... make a little Lj magic.
~ that the clouds that seem to be attached to my burbank sugar bowl ... kristylicious stay right where they are... :)
~ that my po po po friend heido gets bedda really soon... poor lil'sugar.
~ and a groovy little "hi, glad to meet ya" out to a new friend ... breekola... you've a wonderful smile sugar and, well.. yer a teacher... all teachers are superheros in my books... :)
~ and ginormous hopes, prayers and I'd be sending flowers if I wasn't so damn broke... out to the simply unbelievably precious princessblondie ... in fact, another friend frozneone would be doing himself a big big favour by bending over backwards to say hi to his journaler... (hint hint hint hint)

Top Six Movies of all time! well, for now... for me, and in no particular order... and I'm sure I'd change some if I thought a whole lot harder...
~ Charade, 1962
~ Ladyhawke, 1985
~ The Princess Bride, 1987
~ Fight Club, 1999
~ Saving Grace, 2000
~ Sleuth, 1972
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Survivor 6 Update!!!

Survivor VI : Update

Tin Roof... Rusted!

Wherein I get to laugh my ass off at the royal head fucking that Dom Jeff lays on the wanna-be Amazonians. No really, it’s "mess with their heads" day and the kids are in fine form.

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