March 12th, 2003



George... Yahoo's newest victem in the land of online game addiction. :D

I know you've heard it all before
So I don't say it anymore
I just stand by and let you
Fight your secret war
And though I used to wonder why
I used to cry till I was dry
Still sometimes I get a strange pain inside
Oh, Joey, if you're hurting so am I

Concrete Blonde pushes my buttons...

It's a flat day... it's cloudy and lightly snowing... no shadows... If you were downhill skiing today you would slam into mogul after mogul because you couldn't see them. I kinda slept in... but going to bed in the middle of the night doesn't help. I spent a lot of time last night worry'en out some problems with my current client so I don't really give a crap if I'm an hour late in the morning.

~ gray flts
~ dk blue dockers
~ salmon GAP t-shirt, hiding under a bluenotes sweater... (I love this sweater, very comfy)
~ a day with my head tucked into the books for my current client... only two weeks left to spit out a mountain of information... ug.
~ no really... ug! I'm totally out of crack and there's no starbucks anywhere near me... (sniff!)
~ Wednesday night... I'm hoping for a new West Wing...
~ to find a new solution to some of the logic behind the html supporting galleries on my web site...
~ I could get some comments on the new layouts (website)
~ that my uber precious friend ladyfire has a wonderful time on her big adventure... look out Norway... she's gonna jump you! :D
~ I had a spam distruction button that would cause 60 million volts of electricity to shoot through the left and right temples of the geek that is pressing the RETURN key out there causing me to get the never ending supply of emails from "dave" or "jane" (etc) with subject lines like "I'm coming right over" or "We need to talk"... geezus.
~ to shoot a big smile out to a couple of lj friends... gravity and dinkydo... just 'cause they make me smile. :)
~ for warm and not-ignoring-for-one-second vibes to wash over my friend notcharming
~ and wave a congratulations thing at my buddy landmark on his recent engagement to a woman he is just ga ga over...
~ that my friend aristophren had to wear leotards when he plays for those girls... 'cause that would make great cinema. :D
~ I was going with frozenone ... 'cause that pool and those palm trees look mighty inviting bro!
~ that the world would bend in on itself someday and make it possible to actually meet bardiva... I think I would have a hard time not smiling like a school boy around her. :)

ok... this is kinda corney, but I read a comment from a friend yesterday about her brother "shipping out"... a reference to journal friends family member leaving the US for the Middle East with the Armed Forces. I was quite seriously struck with the emotional context of how hard that must be for them... all of them... the family members, the soldiers, the friends... I sincerily hold out great hope, against the odds that play out on CNN, that my American friends in LJ stay safe and thier friends and family members come back.

Catching up on Birthdays...

I know I know... I need to just get into the swing of sending you a simple "happy birthday" on your special day because it sucks to miss it... however, I was away for most of these and I don't even know if you all are reading anymore... so go figure. :D

Any way you slice it... almost everything I do here I do for me... and I want to wish happy birthday to my friends. :D

Feb 27: alma_perdida An extra precious girl... like a tiny little gem you put away in a velvet box and cherish. May your year bring you closer to your own sweetheart and maybe even dance in the light of day together. :D

Feb 28: piscescathi - Happy Birthday cathi... I hope you had a great birthday and that this year brings you good health and great happiness. :D

Feb 29: auntyadele - My own private trade route to the orient... :D My Singapore Sugar is just so giving with her kindness from so far away the calendar has to bend over backwards to visit her. :D I hope you have a glorious year Adele and I do very much hope that you have a wonderful year and that your family enjoys their time with you.

Feb 29: thatthingido - How many kinds of adorable are there? sheesh... I'm especially sorry to have missed your birthday sugar-A. May you and your freshly Red hair have a year of pleasant surprises and friendships that transcend all expectations.

Mar 1: allyn - A man destined to respect the King of Thailand. :D (avoid stepping on currency that falls on the ground... his excellency's image is on it!!!) May this year bring you great discoveries about the world around you and the universe that lives within you. You are a shining star in the the skyline of my world Allyn... and I cannot wish enough for you continued happiness and good fortune. (and bask in the glory of love that is your world with jodi).

Mar 3: starlazdaze - A woman in love... and a sweet-like-candy breath of a woman at that. May you spend this next year enjoying the bliss that has overwhelmed you. And let your hands move over paper to write... because you write with great precision of the things that inspire you... and love is a wonderful motivatioin. Happy Birthday Ren...

Mar 4: dawnmarie There are no words... only wishes and some quiet tears.

Mar 4: kea ahhhh a digital camera enabled girl with a journal, and adorable kids... Have a wonderful year sweet Katie and enjoy the wonderful record of this year that you will make. :D (click... click ... click... :D)

Mar 7: debby - opps... I didn't miss you sugar bits...

Mar 7: xantheman - A little baby with a birthday... well, not so little any more... Happy Birthday Xander...

Mar 9: wbahner - May this year be anything but average for you my friend... You are simply a wonderful friend and those that may truley call you friend are fortunate people indeed. I hope you had a wonderful day and that this year brings you great happiness.

Mar 9: joggingguy A little bit more than a running man... :D Happy Birthday yo! May your year bring you much success with all the little projects that sneak into your busy busy hands. :)

Mar 11: imprincessapril Happy Birthday April... and I hope you have a wonderful year with little Lexi bringing nothing but smiles to your lips... You are an adorable mom and a grand friend here... May you find more friendship as the calendar tears away the pages of this year. :)
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