March 9th, 2003


ni ni

watched "trapped" tonight... the little girl had asthma... it made it evil.

now it's crazy ass late... time to sleep. See ya.
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    just marking a spot. :D


Well it snowed like crazy last night... so there's brand new "Feet" of snow drifted up on my laneway... ick.
I'm about to head out into the screaming white (it's sunny... you don't know "Glare" until you walk into a bright sunny day surrounded completely by fresh fallen snow) and torture every muscle in my body.... I hate shoveling snow. :)

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans
~ gray t and soon? a sweater and all manner of snow protecting clothing.
~ well, shoveling of course...
~ taekwando at 1:00
~ finish one of the new ADIML posts
~ I never got near the "suck video" plan yesterday, so that's back on deck
~ get the last two S6 updates into the web site...
~ play with the kids... er... put a "play with the kids" between each of the last five items... mmmk.
~ good luck out to hoorah... day four bro and I hope you can stick it... my time is coming... :(
~ that tonya finds herself pleasantly surprised by her reunion with Kylie (and no way she looks better than you sugar!! :D)
~ to throw a "pookfreak adoration" moment into my morning post... so... "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze"... :D
~ that ginger_g, a long time wonder-friend, has a great time at the Thrashers game...
~ for all the good health and good fortune to follow maggie in this second pregnancy...

Ok... time to fight the white... see ya.

ps. Tomorrow... ug! first day back to work in two weeks... oh how I am NOT looking forward to that... :(


my wife and george are addicted to Cubis (yahoo games) ... hard core.
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    meanwhile, Rome burns....


Jay Leno, in a rare moment of clarity, commented on the California Motorcycle Helmet law...
"it's just wrong... it interferes with the process of natural selection."