March 7th, 2003



Well g'morning... it's bright, sunny and cold in my world... (damn). :D

The boys are really just not great... Edward has a definate bug and Geo can't find his appetite. :( So we're keeping them indoors and trying to keep things calm. A possible trip to the clinic is in the offing for today ... we'll see about that.

~ gray hanes bbs
~ ripped old jeans [ :: yes indeed... it's friday after all... butt :: ]
~ and a wee silly moment of [ :: look ma! I got a tan! (sorta) :: ]
~ txt long sleeve... with the orange stripe
~ I'm just about done the trip journal (picture thing) so I'll be posting that in an hour or so...
~ next is to work on the video and the "A day in our lives" post... :D
~ to write a S6 Update at some point...
~ it's a friday... so I'm going for "relax". as a day theme.
~ It's been a whirl wind since we got home... so I'm wishing for actual success in that "relax" plan. :D
~ it'd be nice to actually catch up on anyone in lj... hahaha... I'm just not finding the time yet... but I'll get there..
~ for the peace of loving friends and family to be somehow supportive for my sweet friend kimberly27616

Have a grand day... and I'll get some coffee and finish up that trip post. :D


oooooooooooo new feature on the threads of a post...

the "Mass Action" thing... is that new? it's cool...

A trip to Orlando...

Mouse Hunting.

Our vacation in a day by day kind of journal... cut to save those less interested and thumbnailed for those without highspeed access... I hope you enjoy this and let me know if you see any broken links or glaring mistakes... I'll turn it into a web site words-bit in a little while. :D

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hmmm a birthday

Happy Birthday Debby!!

The years seem to tick past...

Last year, today... I had this to say on Debby's birthday.

... and after another year with this wonderful young woman in my heart has made me all the more confident that the best things in life have a way of staying with you... even when they feel like they might slip away.

Happy Birthday debby... I hope you find the space to enjoy being you while you keep up the pace with being the wonderful mom and wife that I can so easily see that you are! :D

Have a wonderful year debby... :D

Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear debby, happy birthday to you!! :D