February 23rd, 2003


Morning.... such as the snow is.

See that girl... that beautiful blonde and the adorable little man? That's Kristy... kristylicious and her boy Zak.

So it snowed about 600 feet of snow last night... and it's still coming down. It's pure white evil out there. I'll be taking the boys out to help shovel soon... and I know it will be all about digging them out of snow banks. :D

~ total wake up clothes...
~ to dig my way around the front yard and see if I can find my front walk... or maybe a newspaper.
~ no tv guide... anyone know if Alias is new tonight?
~ packing... for real this time...
~ managing crazy kids...
~ it was appropriate to run up and kiss my neighbor... I woke up to find he had marched his snowblower up and down our driveway and saved me at least an hour of back breaking hard labour. :D
~ that my South African Queen, Nola (teaser) enjoyed her "girl day" and that the boys are home by now... safe and sound>
~ to point out that I love queenveets's smile....
~ I could stand up beside my good friend jennfromtx... 'cause there I'd be... standing at her shoulder yo!
~ for a little good luck to come to caren as she deals with da'boss.
~ to shout out a big hello (er.. HELLO!!) to a really wonderful new friend iamharmony...
~ that wolfiegirl would write a How To Go To Bed book... seems like she knows just how to do it. :D
~ to send a little virtual hug to paperdoil... just 'cause. :D
~ oh, and good luck over to dinkydo on the house hunting (apartment hunting) deal!!
~ a happy lj anniversary to my fav red head thatthingido (I love love love the hair and want MORE pictures!)
~ some healing vibes over to poor little Kaitlyn... a wee one belonging to my friend laekie... I hope her ouchi is ok sugar.
~ to remind nagylover that she'll never get judge'en, just a lot of love'en here with me. :D


Ok, little favour time...
If you're bored and have a few minutes... click over to my web page [ :: www.corto.ca/corto :: ]. I've made major changes. Most of the changes have to do with colour and code and some layout. I'm trying to make it faster loading and improve the navigation logic. There's still a lot to do to roll the red into the rest of the sub-pages and clear up issues with the colour and layout on some of the galleries... but I would love some feedback on how you think it looks (the new parts), some load time feedback, and if you see any broken links or errors...

There's plenty more to do... but I was all over this last night and I wanted to run it into play before we go away tomorrow and see how it feels. :D

Have a wonderful Sunday... see ya later.