February 21st, 2003


Morning... :D

Hola... it's a pha-nominal day yo.
It warmed up last night (I washed my car last night on the way home from the neices... and it was all sparkly this morning ;D) and sorta stayed that way for the wake up / drive in today. The weather calls for wet snow today and serious SERIOUS snow for tomorrow... but whatever... I'm too happy to worry bout that. It's my last day of work for two weeks and I'll be spending the interviening time on airplanes, in pools and at theme parks... all the while watching my children short circuit with all the krazy killa fun they'll be having. A really big part of me understands.... now that I'm a dad... that this is what it's all about... "IT" being life... making it possible for your children to experience wonder. :D

I was checking LJ this morning... a place I seem to get all my freaky news... and I quickly came to the conclusion that it is just way too dangerous to go to clubs in the US lately... man that story from Rhode Island about the night club... the pyrotechnics at a Great White concert / show went amazingly wrong and 39 souls paid the ultimate price. That sucks hard man.

ps. Rhode Island... the longest state name in the US collective... Proper Name: "The Providence Gardens and Plantations of Rhode Island" ... and does your average Rhode Islander know this? :D

~ green hains bbs
~ beige p-z jeans
~ [ :: friday butt shot :: ]
~ black t with a bluenotes sweater.
~ sort out my office against the possibility that someone will MOVE it while I'm away - not in the plans yet but shit happens...
~ Fix a Server Deployment document because somebody forgot to tell me (ME - the tech resource for the project) that the project will deploy on Solaris 9 (geez)
~ write a S6 Update... hahaha... someone to hate really came to light last night... wohoo...
~ drink plenty of coffee...
~ client stuff.
~ for the grace of eternal peace to wrap any poor bastard that died in that night club...
~ that arlyn's friend gets a gift from the gods regarding his unfortunate circumstances... and you are a good woman sugar for being so caring.
~ a late Happy Birthday to a little walking fella... that would be Owen... the little bundle of cuddles belonging to my friend pixiecup
~ gaaaaa... oh for sweet relief of the kidney stone pain to my sweet friend katie8471
~ to shoot out a big hi-how-are-ya to my globe trotting pal dallandra
~ to say a prayer for my friend dawna and for her friend... that's just so unacceptably sad sugar. :(
~ for Alfred Hitchcock's ghost to avoid the wolfiegirl home... :)

Okkies... It's off to work I go.
Have a great morning... and if you get a chance... go to Starbucks and buy a small package of dark chocolate covered espresso beans... and eat some.

Has anyone told you they love you lately?
Well you deserve to hear it... everybody does... I mean, earn it... yeah... but give it out there when you feel it.
It's that whole bread on the water thing living large and in colour.
I have so many amazing friends here in lj (and in the real world but that's not what I talking 'bout here... lol!!)

I love [ :: you :: ]. and I'm glad I have the chance to feel that way.
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Survivor 6 Update!!!

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Joanna, er... Jane, You Ignorant Slut!

Wherein we really nail down a couple of Amazonians to get a big hate on for. An evil psycho chick and a homophobic bigot... yea, it’s All In The Family on the Amazon. The addition of a Y chromosome continues to be a draw back in the games, and pssst. "There’s a gang of really wet women over there". Second episode and they already sound like cheesy spam subject lines.

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