February 20th, 2003


Morning... :D

You there? knock knock knock... hello?
Lj had a bit of a seizure last night huh... one of those wake-up calls I guess.

I was driving in to work this morning and heard the song "Beautiful" by Christine Spankguelara...
...just when I'm sure she'll fade away to a moments-of-fame-poke-monkey status...
she comes out with a really beautiful song.

~ black ftls
~ so dark green their black treacle brushed cotton jeans... (long name huh... :D)
~ gray T and a funky kinda silk colared shirt
~ working from my office [ :: cams on :: ] on client stuff for the day...
~ some sorta meeting about the new company owners around the lunch hour.
~ Survivor 6 tonight... :D :D :D
~ more goofing around with web site stuff.
~ lj was all better... :D
~ for some sweet relief to find her way to my friend hollywood. I hope you get cut a little slack soon sugar.
~ the stress of prepping for a family vacation was just a wee bit less penetrating... ya know.
~ that the next week passes with a smiling budda of fate watching over dear Catherine (catherine). I hope all is well on Alan's drive too sugar.
~ to remind myself by mentioning here that lizvang is just adorable...
~ to send a little smile over to towanda ... I hope that spark burns brightly sugar... (go you!)
~ that there was a better job out there for my somewhat snowbound sugar ladyfire... wish wish wish wish!!!
~ to shoot a little positive energy over to a friend (greenwavedave) that needs, deserves, a bit of a lift!!

The problems you may be experiencing with LJ (since 5:30 yesterday) are the result of LJ's effort to deal with being the target of a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack.

A few months ago I got a mid-evening phone call from my ISP... just a hack reading a memo to me... but he was pointing out that the scanning at the ISP had picked up a "Slapper Virus" infection on the OpenSSL implementation on my server. In slightly less geeky talk that means that someone had exploited a weakness in a feature of my server and set up a program on my system to be a part of a DOS attack (Denial of Service) against some other host. I was instructed to disconnect my router and plug the hole ASAP or I'd be shut down. I was scared at first and furious afterwards. Fixing it was easy 'nuf... taking steps to reduce the chance of it happening again was a little harder and - of course - is never a sure thing... but the bottom line was that it was a real sense of violation. I can only imagine what the good people that run LJ must be feeling...

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