February 17th, 2003


morning lj.

If this world is wearing thin
and you're thinking of escape
I'll go anywhere with you
just wrap me up in chains
but if you try to go alone
don't think I'll understand
stay with me.

~ black flts
~ dk blue dockers...
~ long sleeve blue (colar-less shhhh!) shirt with a bluenotes sweater
~ go a bit mental on my current project... need to load up some deliverables before vacation starts...
~ and all the things I will do instead of that first item by way of being the professional procrastinator that I am.
~ leaving the [ :: werk-cam :: ] on (yeah, ok, like it always is...) however, with the move and new owners etc... I'm not sure how long that will last... sniff)
~ that I get to keep intouch with kaar... there is a lot to like about her.
~ to shoot a little hug out to thinktink... water off a duck sugar... let it slide. If they don't use a name... they're no better than a bug.
~ for crampy relief to stick with my very favourite gardengnomegardengirl
~ um... you know... it's a calendar thing... the moon is full and there is so many women in this journal thing that seem to track right along with the bella luna... may lower back rubs and pamperin help you all. :)
~ the 15-minutes-of-fun-fame-and-excitement that is the "make my journal a community and back to a journal again" thing will be over soon... enough already ... mmmk?
~ for Lisa, litswd to be comfortable without those rose-coloured glasses...
~ that a virginian sugar-shack, the one and only Kym gets some word... any word... to stop her from guessing and running down paths filled with demons.

... and I will watch while the new owners dissassemble the lab I have built over the last few years and integrate it into a space and place that I will have nothing to do with. They will note the serial number on my new desktop pc... the one I waited years for while everyone else was upgraded... and I will watch their eyes light up as they covet the computer... and I will wonder what I will end up doing... gah... work stuff drives me kinda bonkers sometimes...

It's time to go get some coffee... see ya later.

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Well today is just about a wrap... totally wrapped and slapped today... busy boy be here... and tomorrow will be no better.. in fact, tomorrow will likely be worse. ick.

However... a question;

I've never watched a minute of the Joe Millionaire show, save for about 10 minutes of it last week... a blonde and a brunette... Now, I'm not living in a cave, so I understand all about the blonde and foot fetish videos... but looking at the few minutes of the show... the blonde is way more attractive and "positive" than the brunette ... who seems to be totally bummed at the whole deal. Why is the brunette even still in the game?

baby monitor

l was just pouring coffee in the kitchen. TV was off... no noise.

As I reached up to get mug I could hear the baby monitor
making that steady shhhhhhhhhhhhh sound it makes
when all is quiet in the nursery.

My brain accepted this information without hesitation
and I finished collecting a mug from the shelf
and turned towards the coffee maker.

That was when it dawned on me that the baby monitor
hasn't been around for years.

no really.
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