February 16th, 2003



"What? You don't eat no meat? ... hhmmmm... s'ok... I make Lamb."

Watched my big fat greek bits last night... great movie... first time I've liked the guy who stars in it since he started doing Sex In The City. Best part of the movie... watching it again with the actors commentary. She (NIA the star) wrote the story... and stared... how priceless is that?!!)

~ wake up sweats
~ a layer of something icky on my tongue
~ shower...
~ brush my teeth! - which should aleviate the tongue issue.
~ taikwando this aft..
~ it's hair cut day...
~ um.... it's freaking cold as hell outside... spilled water is ice in 20 seconds...
~ so, staying warm is in the plan.
~ Edward would learn the art of "just woke up" pee'ing and actually hit to bowl!
~ that my pal lizvang (the quiz girl) gets some drama free days asap!
~ to send out a big hug and a hey to my friend movingforward...
~ and a hope that brazenangel gets to a better zone than the moody one soon.
~ for sugar Cath (that's canuckgirl) to feel moi better!!
~ KIT! kitiara... not so... on the introspection... it is about exuding a vibe that culls the heard, but when that one shows up , as described in the post... he'll be a dickhead... no, it's the guy that knows how to overcome the sense of unworthiness created by what he understands to be a very human condition brought on by circumstances that you have little concious control of.
~ um... to say a heartfelt "see ya" to carriegurl

George says I need to go... so I'll see ya. :D