February 14th, 2003



Happy Valentines Day.
I hope whereever you are, whatever your doing, you have a chance to feel a little love today.

My sweet lil'valentine is home right now... a PD day for Geo and Edward is still very much under the weather... so her day will be long one. It's the sort of day that reminds me how fortunate I am to have a partner, a love, that can do the really hard jobs. I love you Suzanne... you are the valentine that lives in my heart.

Our office is burning off a the last bits of cash in the social committee coffers this morning... cash they build up by holding raffels, bake sales, 50/50 draws... so the contributors are the folks in the office and they're getting their last kick at the cash... as it were. This is all taking the shape of big honking continental breakfast in our lounge. The fact that they're serving orange juice and champaign is fucked to me but I guess people that like it are all happy. me? show me the coffee and the orange juice. er... You know those just-dripping-with-gooy-cinnimon-and-icing-bun things... those are yummi... I'm scarfing one of those back as I type... (sorry keyboard).

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ a gray T hiding under a beige and blue trim turtle neck (which, by sheer fluke, is also a p-z product... go me, p-z poster boy).
~ and it's friday!! so a little friday [ :: butt shot :: ] just 'cause I can. :D
~ to take apart two sun ultra 10 servers and make one better one from the parts...
~ to install remedy 5.1 on that server and get it ready for a training course on Monday morning.
~ write a little something about survivor ... :D
~ make my girl (babyfatz) feel loved.
~ we were planning on dinner out with friends tonight but we've no babysitter and still a very sick little Ed at home.
~ I knew how things were for geekgrrrl in her new pad with the family...
~ I also knew how things were going for serraph... a most adorable friend... that I've not heard from in a while!!
~ I hadn't forgotten the paper in the car ... it's sooooo freaking cold out, and I need something from the paper. (d'uh)
~ to send out monster congrats to mindcrime on getting the job... go you sugar!! :D
~ to make a precious friend and really very sweet girl my lj valentine... you know, with all the appropriate footnotes, me being a married daddy and all, but none the less, out to my sugar bit canuckgirl. A friend that never seems to forget about her friends, reaches out with kindness and thoughtfulness almost every day and a woman so very deserving of love in all the right places. Feel a little love today Cathy. You deserve it.
~ to get you all to drop in on a friend and welcome her to lj. A coworker who is not transitioning with the change in ownership of the company now has a journal... She needs to be "sold" on the journal thing... ya know? go say hi to just1girl and if she hangs out for a while... well, I have several pictures of her to torture her with as time goes by.

There was a controversial Valentines window display in a downtown New York department store when I was in High School... it was a bedroom arrangement with a manican hanging off the bed, and an empty pill bottle on the bedside table with a big heart shaped note that read "you didn't send me flowers..." This typifies, for me, the real problem with a day like this... they way a manufactured holiday that serves the commercial community well, and beats the shit out of the emotional community. Sorry to be a pill about it.

There is soooooo much love in my world and I am so happy to have the chances to spread it around and "give it back".

I love [ you ]. It's the easiest thing in the world I ever done. And I'll keep on doing it... if that's ok with you guys.

See ya.
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Help me out with something...

I'm trying to get data for a friend on Digi Cameras;

There are the models he is looking at.

1) Canon PowerShot G3
2) Sony DSC F717
3) Canon PowerShot S45
4) Sony DSC S85

He's wondering;

1) Which one is the best in list?
2) Which one is best of 3 and 4?
3) Which one is best of 1 and 2?
4) What are any problems anyone has had with any of these models?

Any info on these would be very very much appreciated.


:: bounce ::

homeward bound... finally.

kick ass day... tones of freaking work (er... yeah, I know.. that's what I'm supposed to do... but in typical "me" fashion, Fridays always manage to kill me.!!!!).

Now it's time to zooom home and see if I can have a wonderful friday night..

See ya muchachos et muchachas... remember to say nice things to your friends... if you don't ... who will?
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