February 13th, 2003



We were all up and at'em this morning... Ed, however, is still very cough cough cough and feeling less then stellar... (he was asleep at the time of the pic).

So I've been stressing about this presentation all week... and now it's looking like the meeting will be postponed for two weeks...putting it smack dab in the middle of when I'm NOT HERE... ("hey, Mini... get on yer knees mouse-baby, it's time to earn that cool million you sucked out of me on the way here...")

Oh, and speaking of the house-of-mouse... we are all "park hopper plus" pass enabled!! :)

~ gray ftls
~ dk gray (with a blue tone) dress pants
~ gray silk shirt, v-neck txt sweater and a bollé tie (sp?)
~ me, at client site this morning.
~ well... I was planning on giving a major presentation today... grrrrrrrrrr!
~ zooooooming back to my office for the afternoon to rebuild a remedy server
~ tonight? I'm gonna book a massage... one hour of being squeezed and rubbed with slippery stuff by a woman who really knows her stuff... (please stencil the word bliss on my face)
~ dinner at my mom's house... :)
~ and SURVIVOR 6 ... a who 90 minutes of it... first episode... if you've avoided this show in the past, tonight is the night to watch (and tape CSI) to decide if this season will turn your crank or not.
~ to send out mopping-up vibes to my almost soaked Burbank-ian friend kristylicious!!! what a pain Kristy sugar... I hope it all gets fixed up by other people!!
~ a giant "good luck today" with the board papers, for my darl'en friend stephiechai.
~ that arlyn has a wonderful time on her trip (go see the "flying Elvis's" and take pictures!! :D
~ to send out a little good karma for a sweet girl with a million watt smile, jaggedpill.
~ a little virtual hug action over to my pal Kay (kaylee).
~ a few healing vibes would sneak over to imprincessapril and the ankle!

The morning drive includes my listening to a morning show on my fav radio station... there's three hosts and I get a kick out of them. Today was the woman's (steph) birthday. So they got her a cake from here (pattycakes)... they got her the big willi cake... When she offered to cut her co-host a specific piece of the cake, just to watch him eat it... well, I was laughing into my coffee something fierce.