February 9th, 2003



Well yesterday was a busy day!! ... and with Ed having a temperature of about 103 +, today will not be any more reasonable.
Ed will get better... he's having a heck of a time with a reaction to his shot the other day... He'll be off to the clinic for a just-in-case check in a few minutes...

~ wake up clothes...
~ Tai-kwan-do in the early afternoon,
~ BIL's in the later afternoon...
~ new Alias tonight... (and yes, I've already programmed the vcr. :D)
~ that I get a chance to put my server back on track... things are just totally out to lunch with that system... I doubt even the morning pic is going to show... :(
~ to extend my heart felt condolences to kaylee on her families loss... I'm so sorry Kay...
~ for a little something good to sneak up and bite ten on the bum... a girl in need of break... a good break... something, anything wonderful!!!
~ if I'm really lucky... I'll get to catch up a bit with you guys! :D

So we started a brownie project!

Making little mini brownies with a marshmellow pressed into each one...

And they are wery wery yummi!!

We bundled up and braved some pretty serious cold-action and wind to go sledding (I've given up on the T word);

... and there was much fun!

This lead to dinner out at a fast food place while Z went to visit her dad with her sister. We got groceries, more coffee at Starbucks, and rented a movie (The Bourn Identity). We had a busy family day! :D

Ok... little boys need dad so I'll see ya in a bit. :D