February 7th, 2003



Well now... isn't that precious... the what day is this dilema continued last night... I was just crazy tired last night and stumbled off to bed after sleeping in various locations through out the house but, just before crashing completely I had the forsight to TURN OFF the clock radio alarms because, don't cha know... tomorrow is Saturday.

So we all woke up sometime around 8:40 this morning... me... totally ready for a Saturday. This really has to stop.

Now in the mean time, I've managed to do something horrible to my server... it's running very slow... no like something is seriously wrong slow and I'm trying to fix... but from here...(work) if I reboot it, and somethings wrong with the pppoe script... ta ta till tonight. :( So, sorry if the loads from the server are killa slow.

~ gray ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ golf shirt under my bluenotes sweater... (I'm getting sick of finding a colar'ed shirt every morning... and I sure was used to wearing jeans)
~ and if it will load for ya... the yes-it's-really-friday [ :: friday morning but shot :: ]
~ to ignore life and document some stuff for a client project...
~ tonight? take the boys skating again... fix my server... (step one: add ram!!!)
~ my little Edward gets past his ouchi moments... he had a couple of shots at the doctors yesterday... and he was very feverish last night and quite sore. :(
~ to send out congrats to wbahner on the loss of 50!!! lbs... um... did you sell one of your kids?
~ good luck to my texas sugar mandelion! So many troubles with that surg sugar... you've a heart of gold to be holding up so well while things straighten out.
~ I had a few brain cells left in my head after 10:00 pm... for some reason, lately, I've been regressing at night... I'm sending myself notes and emails and writing post-its, to try and remember to do the little things that I need to do in the evening... Then night time gets here... and I end up remembering nadda. And shut the fuck up with the "well, you're over 40 now... things kinda go downhill..." hahahaha...

Oh man... It's such a good thing it's friday... (finally) I need a weekend big time.

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