February 6th, 2003



Doing a bit of a happy dance... having finally managed to put Port Forwarding into use and getting streaming to work outside my firewall... but that's kinda here nor there till the code is done. :D Still... it's been a long time coming... (and thanks luker for all your help. :D

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers (yup...)
~ black T and a comfy dk blue turtleneck...
~ and a [ :: friday butt shot! :: ] :D
~ to take off RIGHT NOW to a meeting that should run a couple of hours...
~ a bit of work here then off to the client land...
~ tonight? get busy sorting out the html on some changes to incorporate a streaming cam... :D
~ I understood what the hell they were talking about in West Wing last night about the neighbors raping each other in that civil war / genocide plot thing...
~ I had some time to scan lj and make better wishes... :D
~ just a quick welcome home to heido... yeah, I noticed... :!! :D
~ that my kansas sugar bits wolfiegirl would stay on cam longer....

K... no I really need to fly... see you later. :D



I've not check email yet... but I'm guessing there'll be a note or two about TODAY NOT BEING FRIDAY.

I'm practically euphoric with the moments-ago realization that today is only thursday... wohoo... I've just been handed a most wonderful gift... an entire day. Every part of my universe has been locked on today being Friday... and hence, out-of-time for the weeks deliverables...

I'm basically dancing in my chair as I type. :D

(and, yes, I know... I'm a dolt. :D)