February 5th, 2003


Morning lj...

Wednesday? wednesday? It's wednesday right... blarg... I can hardly see straight I'm so bagged... well, ok, I can see straight... I drove to work... I better be able to see straight... however, I'm really grogged. I wonder if I'll get to bed earlier tonight?

er... the [ :: werk cam :: ] is on, as usual... :D

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers (again)
~ gray T, denim shirt both of which are hiding under a warm snuggly bluenotes sweater.
~ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
~ let me rephrase that...
~ iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
~ ok ok ... I'm just into the office and I've a line up of people going on about shit I need to get started on asap... freaking Borgcube server is a never ending source of grief.
~ apparently I'm supposed to be in some meeting somewhere... although nobody has managed to let me know where, why or with who... so fuck 'em. geezus.
~ documenting my client project...
~ finish building my BILs computer tonight... my neices are gonna love this system...
~ a phone call or two...
~ continue to delve into port forwarding issues and hopefully get the streaming cam stuff to work... :D
~ !! West Wing... a new one finally.!
~ to send a shout out to pixiecup...
~ I wasn't totally scarfing down an entire box of Tim Bits... they will rebel against my tummy in an hour or so...
~ I could call up my pal princessblondie and blab for an hour or so... no... for two hours... and it really doesn't matter if she has nothing to say... I can talk all day (LOL)
~ a big Happy Anniversary to a yummi little bit of lakme and her boy ... living in a suburb of Toronto... well, ok, St. Kits is a city but still...
~ that my well painted friend, sickboy, get's over the migraine... I know where you are with that pain and I wouldn't wish it on anyone... well, maybe a few I could think of in a pinch.
~ I could tickle queenveets... just 'cause she deserves it... :)
~ a whole bunch that I had magic beans... 'cause I'd plant them under khisanth and make her get better....
~ and a whole bunch of love out to the very best Satalite Pilot on the planet... who must look just ducky in her flight suit... er... do you wear a flight suit to fly a satelite? Hugs all over gardengnomegardenbum

Ok... I really gotta knuckle under... see ya later...


i have many cheese cubes...
...and they are good.

this news brought to you by the ever exciting me!

A little Lj Birthday Action

Happy Late Birthday Bill (Aristophren)

Yeah yeah... I know it's like 2 days late... :)

Happy b-day Bill... I do very much with for you to have the chances you so richly deserve to enjoy this next year. I hope you bring into your life the love and friendship that has circled around it over the last year and that the friendships you have had are with you forever.

I find you to be an inspiration, with the grace you bring to the challenges that lay in the path of your daily life.

It remains my heartfelt hope that we stay in contact and someday get to spend face time together and toast the good fortune that brought us together.

We share the friendship of so many wonderful people that it is not surprising to me at all, to find our spirits sharing space.

You're a good man, a good friend, a wonderful artist and you very much deserve the best life has to reward those good qualities with.

Have a wonderful year Bill...

oh, and bend over for a second... I wanna get some of that ass in my hands... :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Kinda Late Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear William, Billy, Bill... waddeva... Happy Birthday to you!!!