February 4th, 2003



Yeah, so I wake up to the radio telling me the world is covered in ice and school buses are not running... blah! the pussies... it's just a little ice for cry'en out loud. I ended up moving way too slow and driving slower and being late for my day. My client meeting was at 9:30 at I made that on time... even if the client is nowhere to be found. So here I sit, working on documents about my clients "IT capacity" in a building with hellish air, and water so bad they have to give away bottled water. It's a gloomy day, but my spirits are in a good place.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers... everything proof pants... go'head... spill some'thin on me...
~ black t under a big comfy beige turtleneck. Has a colar! Meets the company dress code!
~ well... I was planning on a 9:30 meeting with a client... who is here... but apparently decided there was something more interesting to do.
~ uber heavey meeting this aft with a client.
~ plenty of writing...
~ hopefully home at a good time, and a geek evening. (want to get busy on BIL's computer)
~ for a meeting later today to well for a new friend.
~ that things of a global scary nature find a way to be calm. And that planes zooming away from american airbases... are just practicing... That was a very interesting, yet simple post kaylee
~ that my precious friend txgirlie is ok... feels better... finds her center and all that jazz... because she really does deserve to feel the sunlight warming her heart along with love of so many friends.
~ that I could do cube buddies from client land...
~ to say that I've got the very best group of friends in the world of lj.. you guys really are amazing.

Oh and we did some work on the whole Disney Ticket thing last night. Towards that end;

Dear Mickey;
To simplify matters we have elected to prepare the attached package for your abuse use. In it you will find our credit cards and several signature samples so you can practice up. Furthermore, we completed power of attorney documents for you and some paperwork to verify that we have initiated the transfer of our first born into your care.
Let me say that when it is all said and done, you and the missus, her "mininess" had better been up to snuff and on your best behaviour. Given the ample consideration we are being asked to provide (see attached package) I fully expect to receive head from Mini.
Thank you.
Your's truly,