February 3rd, 2003



Yesterday was a good day. The "computer free" sunday - which began after going to bed saturday night (because inspectorjury was a bit confused) LOL, was a grand day... there was lego action, nintendo (which meas I read the Zelda hint book while Geo plays and Ed cheers with great drama), mini tabogan-run-building in the front yard with Ed, Taikwando with Geo (which I'm really enjoying btw), a little family bowling... Geo got two strikes in a row... a very big deal in the land of him, a really nice dinner at a pasta restaurant, and general family love'en stuff. :) If you could have seen me outside last night when I got back from having my little car washed you would have seen me standing in my snowy front yard looking up at the sky and counting all my precious lucky stars.

Oh... speaking of lucky stars... we got home at 7:58... giving me two minutes to run in and press record to catch Alias, only to notice the VCR was doing nothing related to recording at 8:35... then (remember the stars) I noticed in the tv guide that it's on again at 9:00... wohoo... so I set the vcr timer to record at 9:00... on the wrong fucking chanel. So I desperately need a run down of what happened plot wise on the show last night. I wonder if anybody rips the show to a ram file in newsgroup land.... ??

~ black ftls
~ dk gray/blue dress pants.
~ groovy kinda silk colared shirt with a bolé tie....
~ txt v-neck sweater...
~ to try and smile at the werk-cam a bunch. :D
~ a bunch of r&d for my current contract
~ paperwork... must file a truckload of paperwork that's been growing on my desk like a july weed...
~ ordering a bunch of geek hardware to build my BIL's new computer...
~ still looking for a firewire exension cable... all references I have are male to male... (versus famale to male) I may have to make one...
~ watch the season finale of Season Three Soprano's tonight.
~ you could see the smile on my face... (and even if I'm scowling on cam... I'm smiling all over my insides...)
~ big big congratulations out to a sweet, and now engaged friend sassylass :D go you!
~ to point out that my friend grrrrrrrrrrrowl can to do things right...
~ the strength of all-the-gods-of-patience to a sweeter-than-candy friend catherine on the week-of-trial. Your cape is kinda sticking out there super-mom. :D
~ (ps. catherine... or should I say "Shandra"... )
~ that isis makes it through the next little bit... and gets that graduation behind her right quick!!
~ some quiet guarded thoughts for my long long time lj friend ten... hopeing for the best... always.
~ like my friend huakai (congrats on the move stuff sugar)... I'm wishing for a door into summer... although painting my toenails to set the mood is prol'y out.
~ for a company of angels to place their hands on the hearts of ladyfire's family and give them strength.
~ that my friend-of-the-many-hair-colours jesthestar feels better... I hope that fever broke sugar.

The upcomming Survivor series (Amazon) begins with the losers split into two gender camps... yuppers... it'll be boys against the girls. I dunno why, but I'm anticipating a great deal of fun in writing about this one... It all starts Feb 13. :D
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man you guys rock sometimes... :D

(ps. this is not exhaustive and not what I intend for these images... I just thought I'd share the icon version of things...)

Note: these are from the "lip post" back in november... Maybe you'd like to post something? there???
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why does my hotmail running on Internet explorer version 6 (XP)
at home only save picture attachements as BMP files when the
hotmail running at work (IE 6 XP as well) will save the same file as a JPG??