January 31st, 2003



look at the stars... see how they shine for you... and they were all yellow.

Not so good right now... try'ed to catch up a bit but work and feeling exceedingly less than top-form is kickin me down. :(

I know i'll get back up.. .that's the way it works. And while I'm down here... maybe I'll learn a thing or two ... right?

~ gray ftls
~ khaki cotton cargos... pockets pockets everywhere...
~ gray t hiding under a dk blue turtleneck...
~ a scaring-me-kinda-thing-in-my-throat. I thought it was just the air quality at the client site... but I'm afraid I might be ... getting... ug...
~ I'm in Time Sheet / Expense Report hell this morning...
~ fix tablespace problems for a remedy app and oracle... like I know how to do this... hahaha... geezus.
~ client site this afternoon... time to review and quantify their SAN.
~ Friday night... probably pass out on the sofa by 10:00 haha...
~ for the hand of the maker, whomever she is, to reach out and give some grace to ladyfire's dad...
~ that my friend thomask recovers well and fully from his recent operation and finds the inner strength to make a proper go of things... I believe in you Bro now you do it too!
~ that Jarod... debby's little goober, gets better and gets back onto a sleep-through-the-night track. :)
~ for good health to infect circlek's house... every-boddy-ged-bedda!!!!
~ maybe for a little less Todd in the life and times of psychomagnet
~ that Santiago crawls out from under the fog of fires and my friend ratonil stays safe yo!
~ I could do or say something helpful for a good and sweet friend talashandy.... :(
~ a heart like a wheel... that needs a good turn... should be in the world of jennfromtx...

Geek Issue:
Ok... I have a DV Wonder Card. This is a 1394 complient firewire card for my pc.
It comes with a firewire cable the connects to my Sony video camera. So the end that plugs into the camera is called a 4 pin male plug.
So far so good.
The other end of the cable (plugs into the card that now yields three ports on the back of my pc) is what? a 6 pin male plug.
The cable that comes out of my Pyro web cam plugs into this card as well... but that cable is hard-wired into the camera.
I need an extension cord for this... where am I going to find a male-to-female 6 pin extension cord... believe me ... I've been looking... gah!

I want to get some thin turtlenecks...