January 30th, 2003


Morn'en lj.

edit: ewww... I just got a look at that picture... eak! (on rushed mornings there's no time to check... just snap and go... I really should have checked today. :D)

Today's gonna be a weird one. Lots to do in my little cube lost in a big concrete jungle of a client site. :( I kinda got a late start today... my head is still trying to catch up on sleep.

I managed to blow up my server last night... and fortunately, fixed it this morning. :)

I feel like a crummy evil lj friend for being a million miles behind and I just cannot possibly catch up. :( I know I know... I'm the only one that gives me a hard time about that, but still... I feel bad about losing track of some things.

~ gray hains bb's
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk gray t hiding under a big comfy warm beige turtleneck!
~ a day at a client site... in the deep woods of Hull.
~ to read an absolute ton of material on the clients systems
~ do a little remote administration of an angry little unix server
~ it's thursday... which means last night was Wednesday night and I totally forgot about West Wing?? Was it new?
~ more sopranos
~ just a wee wish of rememberance and grace out to lady_anandia. Her grandmother passed on last night.
~ for dreams of Donny Osmand to forever be gone from the nights of a sweet wolfiegirl.
~ to pass some love'en over to canuckgirl ... just 'cause.
~ to congratulate nbbmom on her ratings win... like there was ever any doubt!
~ that I would get a little more response to [ this post (about Survivor Icons) ]
~ more wishes for small miracles for ladyfire's father.
~ that nobody was hurt in the hallowed halls of Education in Jo-burg, SA when teaser gave it the boss boys.
~ I was back in my office so I could spend time with a coworker or two that will soon be "past coworkers"... have a great day Karin. :D

Ok... I came across [ this link ] on a web site... check it out... it's painful to load so many images, but it's worth the laugh when the final "contestant" loads. :D

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Pearl of Edward Wisdom:
(Overheard as he settled in for a story last night from Z)
"Emma is a silly name for a chicken."

~ now you know why there aren't more chickens named Emma.

lj birthday baybee... a little late.

Happy Late Birthday Nola

Yesterday was teaser's birthday.
Wohooo... 21... finally...

I went on a bit last year [ in this post ] about what wonderful friend she is... and now, a year later, it's never been more true.

When the world spins in just the right way, I will take my family to visit not-too-distant relatives that call jo-burg their home and I will swim in Nola's pool!!! :D

I wish for you to have a wonderful year sugar-Nola... to win your battles with the boss-zone at school... to get air conditioning in your office, for Jason to avoid injury in his martial arts, for Mario to stay healthy, for your housekeepers son to not-skip-bail and that you never ever want for more doilies. :)

... and more importantly, I hope that you are able to stay in contact with me as the calendar rips away another year.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Nola, Happy Brithday to you.!!!

Ldy and Frostbyte...

ldy meet frostbyte

You have seen one another around...
You are both wonderful people.

You both own 3com Homeconnect web cams...
and one of you (ldy!) needs a little advice on cleaning and otherwise improving the image on the web cam!!!