January 29th, 2003



well... I kinda woke up late... or rather, I woke up on time but my body refused to
listen to my head and next thing I new... blink... 8:18. George's buss comes at 8:13.
It's 9:40 and I'm just a wee bit behind schedule. :D
I still have linen dents in my face...

Do you ever forget how to spell something... I mean... while you're typing it?
Wednesday continues to confound my fingers... most days I can spell it
without thinking... others... not so much. :)

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers (love these pants)
~ golf shirt (with a colar thank you very much)
~ dk blue bluenotes sweater with a red stripe.
~ well... once again, I left a book at home... my client note book... so I'm curing up a blue streak as I sit here...
~ need to work on client projects all day... and maybe have the rescheduled interview from yesterday.
~ more sopranos tonight...
~ watch a little of American Idol with the boys... they get a huge, no really HUGE, kick out of the show. Nice how Simon was critical of that 5 year old huh... (smack!)
~ to write a special birthday message.
~ that my friend thomask finds his way from his medical challenge, through the emotional challenge and right out to a comfy Tom.
~ for the better part of a 50 / 50 deal to find it's way from the hearts of family to my friend Lisa's Dad.
~ that a well and truley loved Uncle... kristylicious's Uncle... is ok ... or is able to get that way soon. Peace in the hearts of her family would be a wonderful thing.
~ and that babydoll99_99's hang over is not so bad... and that ya feel bedder sugar... I know what you mean... from the other side...

ps. I'm still working in the twilight zone... I keep expecting Rod Serling to step from behind a baffle and give an Epilog to what's been going on. And if the whole Rod Serling referance just flys past ya... well... it's another reminder that I am an old man with thining hair and growing children and an obnoxious pain in some part of my body at all times!! :D

pps. j/k... I'm a kid at heart.