January 28th, 2003


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I was looking at gigglecam's super bowl pictures and was reminded of a show we put on in College.... we contracted with [ Lisa Sliwa ] to come up and speak to the students about the [ Gardian Angles ]... It was kinda surreal to drive back from the Airport with her in the car talking about our neighborhoods as if she had lived here all her life... and, of course, this was her first visit. She was one [ serious chick ].

Today will be a good day to hold the spirit of what, at that time ('cause I don't know what guardian angles are thought of any more), the angles stood for. Today is a good day to find inner strength and see how tall I can be. A good day to fill myself up with someone I want to see in the mirror.

Today I will say bye to some friends at work.
I will make them feel good today, like I always do.

~ well... it's a pic pic day... black. ('tude adjustment technicque) :D
~ charcoal suit with a Tommy shirt, teady bear tie and a light gray cashmier sweater.
~ sneak off to a client site today for another interview...
~ be around and as supportive as I can for some friends at work.
~ find at-all-costs a solution to a problem with another client... that sqlplus script thing...
~ kinda want to plan on the admiral and a good long zone with the TV tonight...
~ listen, please take a second to work a little lj kinda magic for me... pretty please!!!! and post a short thought or prayer for a very seriously precious friend here in LJ. I don't know how open she wants to be with what's wrong, so I'm leaving her journal name out of it... buy there's magic in a name... So say a word for Lisa as she hopes for her fathers recovery from some serious heart trouble.
~ um... that shebear tries her best not to off anybody... prol'y look bad on the resume... no?
~ that my sweet friend misskris takes a few pictures of that snozzz... :D
~ to point out that bardiva is pure sugar.
~ that wheelwhirled enjoys spa time... sounds like a sweet deal to me... :D
~ to never run out of catherine.... ;)

Hey... I gotta say... I've read some stuff in my friends journals lately about people feeling so good about themselves... and for really good reasons. It's a really very serious wonderful vibe to feel... thank you. It's pha - nominal (lol) to see so many bubbles of good karma.

I gotta get some worky stuff done... see ya muchachos et muchachas...
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