January 27th, 2003



... and so it starts. I'm working a little voodoo thang at my desk to spin around to a new place. I think I can make it there. It's all about finding a good vibe and grabbing hold with ten edgy fingers... digging in yer nails and going all pit bull on it. Operation "refuse to lose" begins today. (this is all work related...)

Oh... the drive to work was fun. The weather kinda eased up on the weekend and was downright "nice" yesterday. That's changed. Do you know how fog works? Cold air comming in behind warm, damp air causes all the moisture in the air to condense and is pressed down towards the ground.... fog. Ok... so the "cold air" part? Lets say it's not just yer average "cold air" but instead... it's muthafuckingscreaminglybazzingsomebodykillme cold. All that moisture-condensed-into-fog stuff and the "pressed-down" part... In the uber-cold that just gets squished right down to become a thin layer of ice ... called Black ICE. Everywhere you looked this morning there was an accident. The radio "here's your traffic info" segments were crazy-ass... listing 20 accident zones and warning you away from key intersections and highway segments. It was pure evil. Sunny and kinda pretty... but evil none-the-less... you know... a lot like a girl you knew in highschool.

~ black ftls.
~ blue/gray dress pants
~ steel gray silk shirt with a bolé tie
~ txt v-neck sweater.
~ two staff performance reviews... must be completed today. (*yeah, like I've had one in the last two years...)
~ solve a goofy problem with a clients sqlplus script (hex OC shows up at the begining of the spooled output for some reason : hex OC = long dash)
~ ? I'm supposed to go get a security id card photographed for a government client... brrrr... it's kinda cold out... :D
~ call my doctor... I need some fix'en.
~ I could fix things that I can't fix... but, in theory, one learns to deal ... right? right? fuck.
~ wishing and praying with all my heart for a precious lj friend whos father has taken a bad turn... Lisa sugar... no really... you are on my mind.
~ I knew how my friend galebird was... I bet she's good... That's one pretty amazing young woman...
~ to say that starliteangel1 is going to make that dress mighty happy when she slips it on to walk that isle. You'll make it just beautiful.
~ for catherine to get caught up on sleep somehow... come on Connor... mommy needs a few zzzzzz's. :D

Hey do you watch Alias? That was one style'en show last night... I mean, besides wanting to kiss that SOB in the airplane for complaining about the black outfit and getting her to do the red one.. (talk about writing a little T&A into the script...)... and when she's got the James-Bond-esque braclette garrot around his neck choking the shit out of him and she says "What was wrong with the black one?" ahahahaha... that was great.
~ she finally gets to get jiggy with Vauhn the moron...
~ dad gets a little static-ee... :D
~ and the ultimate smash-max of SD6 ... yowzzzer! that was great...
So where was her Mom in all that?

Ok... time to work ... see ya.