January 26th, 2003


gooooood morning. :D

I want to scan that little picture and post it... it's adorable. I'm about 5 or 6 in that. :)
After upgrading things on my server, I've finally managed to get the "~username" thing to work on my web server so I have to get an email together for the various friends I have that use www.corto.ca to host images and webspace on the "improvements"... :D Things are really working well with the server and I'm really happy with RedHat 8.

The boys are watching The Lord Of The Rings (TFOTR) ... well, George is... Ed kinda moves in and out of the idea... George is liking the Hobbit (bedtime story stuff) and wanted to go back to the LOTR to upgrade his memory of hobbits. :)

~ sweat pants... sweat shirt... a layer of sleep on my eyes and tongue...
~ plenty of cleaning up, in prep for having 20 some family members descend upon our home for a dinner.
~ shovel (my back hurts already) the laneway... - the plow just went by so mount killimanjero* is at the end of the lane.
~ taekwando today with Geo
~ psyching up for work tomorrow...although the big day is proly gonna be tuesday. :(
~ on getting closer to buying a new digital still camera...
~ that a wonderful woman and super-mommy... (catherine) enjoys her newfound boobies...
~ that blonnie would come over to my house and bring a pecan pie... (love pecan pie!!!)
~ I could find our portable phone... it's here somewhere...
~ the water filter deal yesterday had gone better... in the end, the seal on the water filter is fucked and I can't put it all back together until I replace the "O ring".
~ that circlek gets better soon... I feel for you Jerrr... I really hate being sick too. :(
~ to point out that Mario is a wonderful man... I hope I meet him one day... and, yes, teaser, I'm talking about your man.
~ upon a star for some balance in the life of my dear friend kimberly27616

Ok... I gotta get about my business... It's super sunday... and (gasp) I really couldn't care less... hahaha... I'm just not a big fan and the big draw would be for the groovy commercials but the Canadian feed interuptions block those from us ... Hell, I haven't even seen the mud wrestling beer commercial yet... (pooo me.)


L8ER Sk8ers...:D