January 25th, 2003



I definately don't have the fingers for a long entry ... I'm feeling rather spaz like and tired... We watched two weeks worth of "Celebrity Mole" ... I fell asleep at the Execution Phase of both episodes... :) Not remarkably impressed... Kathy is the only highlite. :D

~ stuff I rolling into when I fell out of bed...
~ a fast fast shower.
~ drive Geo to a friends house ...
~ later, this 'saft, go with family to a friends house for their little girls 1 year b-day party
~ tonight?
~ order 7 large pizzas for a massive family party tomorrow... 21 people for dinner re: Edwards 5th B-day (His B-day is Monday).
~ I was back in bed snuggling Z....
~ maybe when I get back from driving Geo around... hmmmmmm
~ I had Sopranos Season 3 in hand... but, alas... ear wax. Wont have it till next week.
~ and I'm wishing out a huge and happy Hi to a wonderful friend talashandy... it's so nice to be in touch again. :)

Ok... time for speedy shower guy...

drip drip...

ok... so I'm going to change the filter in the "water filter".
It's this under the sink deal, with a seperate fawcet.

Issue: must turn off water to change filter. history tells me that the "valve" that taps into the water line is a sum-bitch (leaks) and it's gonna get moved around a lot.

I anticipate, to be safe, problems and having the water off for an extended period of time. So, clean up in the kitchen first.
Ed and I had nacho's for lunch and there's an empty sour cream container to clean out (the default "leftovers" container).

The plan: Half fill the sour cream container with soap and hot water... afix lid... shake like crazy... remove lid... pour out... rinse... dry... put away.

The reality: Half fill the sour cream container with soap and hot water... afix lid... shake like crazy... lid pops open... sour cream-ish, bubbly, hot water steams up my shirt and down the front of my pants.

I guess, nows as good a time as any to turn off the water.

The weekend-job-jar is such a joy. :D