January 24th, 2003



So after spending 20 minutes with a security dude downstairs trying to find someone in their office to buzz me in... seeing as my trip into downtown ottawa for a security badge was fruitless - "I'm sorry sir, she leaves at 3:00 pm" (gah!!!!!!!) I finally make it up here... and I gotta boogie through plenty of work today. Why do fridays always turn out to be the busiest day of the week for me? blech.

Hey... by the way... I'm really happy about the response to the icon request post. wow! I want more! So scroll back an entry or two in my journal and see what I'm talking about.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers again
~ gray t hiding under another turtle neck. :D
~ several more meetings with the clients today
~ trying to get back to my office for part of the afternoon
~ to not fall asleep in front of the TV (again) tonight...
~ for kaylee to hold on to her good vibe...
~ that things are ok with my pinch buddy aristophren
~ that stephaniekaye gets herself back in the arms of her hearts desire asap!
~ um... well, that ladytess gets a cloth for that sticky-bun. :)
~ to send out a small peacefull and loving vibe to sugar-bronze (bramey) as a wee comfort... and a little prayer for her friend Wes.
~ and a moments concern for my friend crushdmb... I hope you fix what's broken sugar.
~ to send out a little hug and then another hug to occipitaldruid... just 'cause.

ps. it's still about 67 million degrees below zero outside... my stearing wheel squeeks like rubbing two pieces of cold styrophome (sp?) together in this weather. That sound makes the back of my neck tingle and sieze up... I dunno if you know what I mean, but it drives me nuts... I turn the radio up LOUD to cover the sound but I still sense the vibe through the wheel.

pps. I'm missing my cube buddies... ~ sniff. :D