January 23rd, 2003



Hmm... the first (only?) morning pic from the pyro...

The wake up zone this morning was pathetic. I am such a dork. I got up... at a good time, then decided to a) turn off the alarm (versus snooze) and then b) to get back in bed to snuggle. 7:20 arrived uber fast.
Then, the real topper, I was in the middle of getting dressed (appealing to the new dress code at work, I need a colar) and I couldn't find the sweater I wanted to wear. It eventually rematerialized from the 6th dimension on a shelf with my other sweaters, but while it was busy being NOT THERE I was busy being a total nimrod rushing around looking for it.

Um.. the six car pile up on the highway, backing cars up for freaking miles didn't help a whole bunch either. Sooooooo... I'm in "correct my mood" mode.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black golf shirt (with a freak'en colar already)
~ bluenotes sweater
~ a busy day! It's 10:30 now and I've already packed in two interviews...
~ more intervies later (I'm interviewing people at my client site as part of the project I'm working on.)
~ watch West Wing (was it new last night?) tape and maybe watch the last two weeks of Celebrity mole (on tape). (sniff... don't have the sopranos season 3 dvd set yet... but soon!)
~ I had a coffee... (must fix that)
~ to have an email with a friend that needs to be careful what she does on the couch!! :D
~ welcome dockdiva to the land of paid users. :D
~ that my buddy velcro_girl enjoys her massage tomorrow!
~ I could sing a lullabuy that would help justholly get some sleep...
~ my treasure (kitiara) has a safe trip!!!
~ to pass on a good idea... thanks to the ever thoughtful moonrose; "March 20th is now officially Steak and Blowjob Day."
~ to shout out a hearty "Arrrr me-matey, time for some pirate boooty." to khisanth LOL...
~ for the energy of lifes love to get under ladonne's feet.
~ and to tell litswd that you don't hold a candel to evil sneezes... ask anyone in my house (or maybe my neighbors). I sneeze like a crack'ed up duck with a megaphone.

Ok... nuf said for now... off to get a coffee and get busy with some work. :)

I hope you have a great day... and if you're snowed in ... be careful and enjoy the day! :D

... an icon?

Upcoming Survivor Show.

The pathetic excuse for a show that was the last survivor series (Survivor Thailand - for those of you, like me, that instantly put it out of your minds) has left me feeling almost angry at the show.

The result will not doubt be a vitriolistic show by show recap dripping with my probably-requiring-therapy displeasure. Yup... I shall be recapping the show again.


This time, however, I want to use a new icon. I started the recaps two years ago with a little alien guy wearing white cotton briefs... um, the icon, not me... rest assured I remained relatively clothed while writing the recaps. I then moved on to the icon used in this post... an icon made for me, if I recall correctly, by summerspirit (an adorable Torontonian if there ever was one!).

While most couldn't possibly care less, I know there are some that do read and enjoy the recaps and I'm betting some of them have artistic talents... :D

So here's the deal;

Make me an icon.
Extra points for putting "corto" in it somewhere... post them to this thread or email them to me at corto@livejournal.com. I'll weed out the ones made by the people that just freaking hate my guts updates... (LOL) ... although you never know, I can be quite self-deprecating at times... and come to a point with a selection of hopefuls and have a poll to pick the winner.

The prize...? me lavishing you with affection and using the icon throughout the next series.

So.... whadd-ya say? any takers?