January 22nd, 2003



Hola... happy person lives here... despite how dead-guy like I was looken on the office cam yesterday... :D

Note: IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! For those of you that have been waiting for your wives to agree to a threesome, parents to buy you a car, the governement to unilaterally decide to double your income tax return... It's all happening!!! Because Hell has totally and unambigiously frozen the fuck over. I mean it's really unbelievably cold outside... it's like - 387 degrees outside even though the total dipshit weather service people want you believe that's a "windchill" versus the actual temperature... (screw off with that "windchill" thing already)

~ black ftls
~ khaki cargos...
~ black t hiding under a big dk blue turtleneck.
~ a bunch of r&d for my new client this morning... and interviewing managers at the client site this afternoon.
~ West Wing and Season 2 final epi tonight. :D
~ to send out a "thank you" to krizsa for the "Strong Bad" link... which is now zinging around the office leaving people laughing their asses off all over the place. :D
~ that my friend heido finds the all the chances she needs to keep talking about the big stuff... if it helps... fill your boots and I'll read...
~ my more-than-precious friend serraph gets better... no sicki chicky... I mean, you need to enjoy your "thee day weekend" (~ ducks for cover)
~ that the good vibes in dreamy_thoughts's world stick!!
~ my friend kimberly27616 can handle all that work!!! (wow you guys are really rocking!!! :D)
~ oh and just a support'en word on "5 Days To Go" girl... pookfreak

Hey... last night, the boys and I were doing the bed-time snack thing and taking in a little of the "American Idol" thing... I gotta say the boys were laughing so hard I thought they were gonna choke. The dude that refused to acknowledge that he sucked donkey cocks as a singer... I forget his name... Stu? whatever, he even started lying to the stage handler dudes about what the judges told him... oh my god did you hear him screaching??? LOL! I think the only really bad thing about that show is that it forces people up here in the frozen north to watch the commercials for the "Canadian Idol" show ...

Ok.. I gotta zzzzzzzzzoooom away... way way too much to do this week. It's definately an "earn every penny" kinda week...

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