January 21st, 2003



~ black ftls
~ dk blue/gray dress pants
~ tommy shirt
~ mickey mouse tie
~ txt v-neck sweater... :D
~ a kick-off meeting with my new client. (should take all morning)
~ not sure about the afternoon.
~ definately not sure about tonight... but I'm guessing one of the last three episodes of sopranos (season two)
~ I got to sleep before 2:00 ... and maybe got up a little earlier... as it is, I gotta fly and drive c-c-c-c-cold.
~ my son didn't have asthma.
~ you know that thing that dangles in the back of your throat... I think it's called your uvula... mine is icky and kinda swollen from some sort of irritation. so... TMI as it may be... I'm wishing it wasn't swollen and wasn't irritated.

No really... I need to split. If I'm way lucky... I'll get to catch up on emails and journals later today.
See ya. play nice huh. :D