January 20th, 2003



News on the radio this morning talks about how the coldest temperatures in ten years are on their way this week.
Fabulous... bloody fabo! My teeth are chattering just thinking about it.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk gray t and a beige turtleneck
~ a bit of a grimmace as my tummy churns... tmi, but what the hell did I eat yesterday?
~ work out plans re: new client and this week.
~ find out if I can return the pyro
~ listen to landmark talk about his trip to Thailand.
~ possibly go on a major taboggan trip thing with the Beavers tonight.
~ see, I have this friend, Pammy... (passerine) and when she's feeling a bad vibe 'bout something... I kinda feel it too... so I'm wishing for Pammy to find her zone. :)
~ my sweetheart (babyfatz) doesn't miss out on [ this ] - she's got a few things go'en on for the Hugh.
~ wonderful big big big congratulations to pamdewind on the birth of Jaydon, a 6.5 lb little bundle. I'm looking forward to pictures!! :D
~ I get to keep feeling this warm fuzzy vibe glowing off my precious friend arlyn ... :D
~ to send out a shoulder punch and maybe a little hug to my pal xaheras ... just because.

Ok... 'nuf for now... I need to play ultimate frisbe with a lot of paperwork for a bit. See ya.

on driving.

One is well advised to more closely consider one's driving habbits
when the children often yell out "Weeeeeeee"
as you drive from here to there.