January 19th, 2003



So I come downstairs today with the boys and there... on the floor, in the middle of the family room... like it's always been there... is the long-lost-clicker from the now-old VCR. As you might recall, a couple of months ago this thing became lost and totally unfindable. We had to buy a new VCR - cost considerations were nominal in comparison to getting a universal remote that would include the necessary programming buttons - to get back to the "programming the VCR" zone versus "being there to push record".

Upon further investigation, it turns out that it was in a small toy-tupperwear-container that had been packed up with a bunch of max-steel toys ages ago and put away in the basement - of course.

~ black ftls
~ jeans
~ a t and a p-z chinielle sweater (amazingly comfortable!!)
~ a quick post about last night... right after this one. :D
~ a little cleaning...
~ a trip with the boys to home depot to buy a section of "rug" to cut and fit into our front hall... Our least fav part of the house... (not 'nuf space)
~ take Geo to his first Thai-quan-do (and please don't shoot me for misspelling that! :D) class at 1:00
~ install a new fan in my computer
~ package up the Pyro Cam and return it this week.
~ start bidding on a 3com Home Connect (Vicam - thanks frosty) on E-Bay.
~ I had a video camera with me last night.
~ that all is well for my abot to have a baby friend pamdewind. She's off to the hospital today... in sunny Australia... to bring another adorable child into her world. :D

happy birthday
~ to dang_it - (Megan) a day late (it was yesterday). I have a sneaking suspicion that she wont see this... she hasn't updated for like 20 weeks... but that hardly matters.... I met this very nice woman through ladyfire when she stepped up to the plate to the sort of friend we all need when times are hard. Happy Birthday Megan and I hope, whereever you are, you have a wonderful year and that you get to fill up the quiet moments with loving company.
~ to damny Happy Birthday Dany Jo. You have been through some interesting times in the last year and I hope with all my heart that you get the breaks you deserve this year and enjoy the warmth of good friends as the calendar drips away more pages.


So we went to the National Congress Center last night for a big "do" held by the company that bought our company. It was nice to hear prez and vp types at the mic welcoming us to their crew... and what a crew!!! 1100 people in a ballroom, dressed to the nines and an exceptionally good vibe rolling around. Honestly, not at all like the experience of going to the formal party our company put on earlier this month at the casino.

[ click the thumbnails for the big pictures! (open in new windows) ]

~ z hamming it up before we left...

~ a picture shamelessly ripped from reens ... (thank you sugar!)

The meal was amazing... plates brought to the table and servers brought the food and "served".... beats the crap out of a buffet, yo. But mostly it was memorable for the "dressed up" zone... my darling Z looked like a million bucks and my whole team was there to share the dinner with me.

(That's Pierre, Shawn, moi and Luc... those guys are basically a threesome of more tech brains than you can easily imagine... excellent co-workers, and really... excellent men.)

Lets see... who else was there... :D

luker and his lovely bride... the "Daniel Mommy" herself... reens

... and burntflowers... Tara... was attending with a coworker that I regret not getting a picture of... Keith... who looked smashing in his suit. I mean, it's just that I'm not used to seeing this guy all dolled up. :D As for Tara... she looked amazing.

And once again, I managed to get a picture of the christmas elf girl (see a children's christmas party post back in December) looking beautiful with my bell-of-the-ball... :D

We socialized a bit... and still managed to get home in time to find children still awake (at 11:00!!) and get ourselves in front of more sopranos (it's an addiction I tell you!!) before bed.

A really nice night... I like those... Life manages to serve up some nice mental drinks sometimes... :D
(a happy corto be here!)

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so.... back from Taekwondo!!

... We got there... got Geo ready... got him in the class... took a look around... and decided to join.

So now Geo and I both go to Taekwondo on Sundays. :D