January 18th, 2003



So... I'm a little groggy but thankful for an extra hour of sleep this morning...

I'm still concerned about this camera. The original review I read in wired magazine is [ HERE ]. That story is about "last years" model of the camera, versus the theoretically "better" one I have.

Take a look at a comparison of images for this mornings "morning journal picture";

[ 3com home connect lite ] ................... [ ADS Tech Pyro 1394 ]

Those links open new windows to show a single picture taken by each cam this morning... (s'cuse the serious bed head :D)

~ the standard "wake up, drag self from bed, dress in sweats" outfit.
~ hmm... trying to stay warm....
~ shower, and play with boys...
~ research a bit about this new cam
~ iron a shirt.
~ go to formal party tonight... a "big do" being held by the new company owners...
~ the camera had been substancially more impressive.
~ that you have a great weekend!!!

This is just a quick poll on cams.
Poll #93195 webcams

If you own a web cam, what make and model is it?

Is it any good?

fantastic images
not so hot
total crap

Is there a link you can put here to an image you cap'ed with your cam?



Ok... so I haven't had a shower yet and NOW it's too late. The guys are here to disconnect our shitty rusting water heater and replace it... so I'm kinda out of luck for the water zone for a while. :D