January 17th, 2003


ni ni...

Yeah so...

allyn!!! I will send it... promise... tomorrow.

now... a quick rant before I sleep;

//rant on

I am sick to fucking death of language... french continues to pose no end of nightmares and hassels for me... freaking bilingualism is driving me up the wall... and I'm entitled... I worked in Canadian Federal Government for 14 years and geeezus h christ... blech!

But forget french... English is just fucking stoooopid.

I before E except after C or in science or their and what the fuck else did I forget?

Apparently the rule only applies to "Diagraphs" (from a web site on this stuff**)
What the fuck is a diagraph?
And how much fun do you have on a friday night if you just "know" what a diagraph is?

Spelling rules were invented by a bunch of motherless fucks that should be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

For the record; I before fucking E except after C and;
beige, cleidoic, codeine, conscience, deify, deity, deign,
dreidel, eider, eight, either, feign, feint, feisty,
foreign, forfeit, freight, gleization, gneiss, greige,
greisen, heifer, heigh-ho, height, heinous, heir, heist,
leitmotiv, neigh, neighbor, neither, peignoir, prescient,
rein, science, seiche, seidel, seine, seismic, seize, sheik,
society, sovereign, surfeit, teiid, veil, vein, weight,
weir, weird
................ just fucking blow me.

//rant off

ps. The Sopranos has done more the word fuck than any other show in the history of television or movies.

** thank you z... :D
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morn'en lj

Dress code at work starts Monday... (I suppose).
That means no more jeans and no more T's.
Sounds simple 'enough until you look in my closet. :)
Ah well, I'll adjust.

~ green hains bbs
~ beige p-z jeans
~ cream T and a dk salt'n'peppa 830 lb sweater... ok, so it's not 830 lbs...
~ [ and a friday morning "butt shot" picture ]
~ join the team on the big push to finish the RFP today.
~ zooooom out to the "stress client" (anyone remember the golf balls?) for an hour or two to fix something
~ paperwork is just a'piling up!
~ schedule stuff for the new client
~ tonight? bada bing!! :D
~ for better health and warm wishes for a comfortable weekend out to my pal queenveets and it's Van Halen sugar... Diamond Dave.
~ and mowazz ... you have more style and class in your toes than most people see in a lifetime. go you on the ditching the "speak to the press" thing.
~ sugar isis... pawleese... I am not Jack! :D
~ just wishing out to my friend elliriel that life keeps making possible for you say "5. What is your dream job? I'm doing it!! :)" ... that's wonderful.
~ for the very expressive and expressively frustrated stephiechai to feel a whole lot less po'd as friday turns into friday night... or is it saturday already there?

Ok... If I don't catch up quick with this... it's going to get even more out of hand than it is now...

It's time to say a few Happy Birthdays...
I'm so goofy limited in the land of time these days... and I feel bad (my choice, I know) for not being up with the birthday wishes. I thought for this group I'd just say one thing ... the first thing I think of when I think of you.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful group of friends and may this year bring you the chance the find friends and more friends ... in all the right places.

Dec 30: rini A woman on the edge of a new - or maybe a "next" - life... This will be a wonderful life lil'miss marry'en girl.
Dec 30: shann Even with all that has happened with your world... the time you have given to supporting mine leaves me almost speechless with love and care for you.
Dec 31: bulvai thank you for taking the time Bulvai... to step from survivor stuff to the actual journal... you'd be such a great fit with so many of my lj friends... :D
Dec 31: reminisce71 A sweet woman with a new life stretching before her... and (OMG) four boys to accompany her on that journey.
Jan 3: dawna Such a beautiful woman...
Jan 4: krzy A beautiful dreamer... :D
Jan 5: kimmellee A treasure on my friends list... and my friends should go say hi to this wonderful young mom.
Jan 6: duhneese Thank you! You never ever fail to be where you can help me the most with your kindness... just "thank you!!!"
Jan 6: teasdale Clearly much younger than you think Lil'Tea.
Jan 9: pimpinthebox hmmm interesting... you know... you're a lot more pervasive than you might think! :D
Jan 10: gefiltebitch You are like a drug honey... a happy pill that finds her way into so many hearts.
Jan 11: dinkydo Almost speechless... drop dead beautiful woman that take's no prisoners and looks like a million bucks in an orange stetson. :D
Jan 12: t_funk ah yes... first thing I think of is the give'away at the end of bigbrother...
Jan 13: shebear A friend forever... or so it feels, and so I hope.
Jan 15: nutmeg My little nut meg.... you grow more precious and treasured with each passing year.
Jan 17: txgirlie Texas will recover. :) I can't get enough of you sugar.
Jan 17: arlyn One of my most favourite lj mom's and, I hope, a friend for the rest of my days. :D

Happy birthday to you all... and feel free to kick me for being so damn late with most of the well wishing...

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This song... Offspring - Self Esteem... love song. Have an MP3 on my playlist.
Somewhere in the middle of the song is a "phone ring" sound that totally matches our office phone zone.

It never fails to throw me for a double check.
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    Offspring - Self Esteem

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Wow... I mean WOW!!!

First we hear that ol'queeny is wearng pants! Queen Elizabeth in pants!!!!

Now all hell breaks loose as UK papers fill up with stories of her utter dive into depravity.
Imagine... a royal crack whore... I wonder how long before she smokes the family fortune...

Read all about it;

[ bbc world service news story ]
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    Ok... so I'm not a royals fan. :)

not a pretty sight!

grrrrr! frustrated boy with a new toy.

vfw versus wdm and fuck if I can get webcam32, conquor or chill to talk to this pyro 1394. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

:: EDIT ::

ok... problem is my computer... not the cam.
Testing continues... :)