January 15th, 2003



[ although I was gonna go with the goofy face! <-- click! ]

We (co workers) got an email last night... informing us of a "formal gala" being held all swanky like, downtown THIS saturday. It's put on by the "new owners" of our company. I received a note 30 minutes later from my boss informing me of her strong recommendation to attend. So it looks like Z and I are back in the fancy spancy clothes again this weekend. Who'd of guessed that dress would get to be worn twice... wow. :D

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers..
~ gray t
~ nice comfy p-z beige turtleneck (that kind covers a wee bit at the top of the dockers.... snicker)
~ eeegods... more "ready making" for the new contract. (starts tomorrow)
~ loading up a lap top with music. :D
~ a little meeting a lunch...
~ a phone call to a sweet friend around 3:00.
~ West Wing is new tonight (oh, and Celebrity Mole is on tonight too)
~ that debby gets over that head bang... advil? or a massage..
~ that my sugar-pepper (kaylee) gets a little heat... I mean, there's plenty of good ways to warm a girl up... but a whole house?
~ for the angles of "getting better" visit my friend wbahner's son asap!!!
~ I could see wolfiegirl's new doo... gimmi pictures... I know I know I know... Huntsville... lucky bastards... ;)
~ to let lesslyn know...um... sugar? eating chinese noodles is not gonna help you with your orientalism class... LOL...
~ and lastly... wishing the worlds biggest congratulations to my uber-pals kimberly27616 and nortacon on, among other things... the new contract!!! :D

ps. Sopranos. When Tony gives that package to his neighbor to just "hold for a while"... I thought I was gonna wet my pants...

Ok... time to work a bunch...

pps. yummi good vibes crawling around my friends pages... it's a wonderful thing. :D
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