January 14th, 2003



Man... it's just evil cold out there... everything "scrunches" and "squeeks"... plastic toys shatter with the most nominal impact... yuppers... just freaking lovely.

So the devil has been asked to tea in Georgia huh... something about the fornication laws finally being struck down in Georgia on the news this morning... It's no longer a crime to have sex outside of marriage... phew... bet yer all breathing a sigh of relief over that one huh...

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... and the lable says "jeans" yo! katie_buttons!!
~ black t with a txt v-neck sweater.
~ finish a client engagement this morning...
~ start an employee performance review
~ read through a mountain of paperwork
~ clear off my work area in anticipation of being away on-client-site for a month
~ for a precious friend (krizsa) to find her zone and embrace mega memory smiles about the visit that just finished...
~ that my boy ... er... man... favorite male butt cheek... aristophren gets off that pot and follows a little poll advice. :D
~ to say how happy I am that my friend baybabaybayabadabadogirl is back... and I continue to hope all is or will be good in her world.
~ that my very long long lasting friend, ratonil (one of the first three people I met in lj, and in TRW) has some happy sailor hunting... (snicker)
~ that my forever-buddy ladyfire passes her test... (~ wink)
~ oh, and wolfiegirl for President!!!! :D
~ good luck with the camera pookfreak... I hope you make a point of letting us know how you enjoy using it...

It's a blue line reduction day... at some point today I need to find the time to do a little cleaning on the list.

Ok.. busy boy time. See ya.
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