January 12th, 2003


barely awake

haha... ok, just checked what the pic came out like... mr. pouty lips boy... hahaha... I'm actually quite smiley today. :D

So... no upgrade last night... no sopranoes last night... just me out cold on the sofa till 2:30 in the morning... starting about 2 minutes after the last post. LOL... I just crashed like an twin engine commuter plane... plunk...

~ default sunday morning trying-to-stay-warm clothes
~ to finish this post quick...
~ make banana bread...
~ make apple and spice pancakes (a mix from a christmas basket)
~ start the server upgrade
~ work on a school project with George (make a 3-D structure... pictures later. :D)
~ the upgrade goes well...
~ for a bit of strength to find it's way into my friend passerine's heart... a wonderful woman with so many reasons to have strength and all of them hiding.
~ a late happy birthday to kaylee's little Erin-biscuit. :D
~ to remind txdevil that I will never ever ever fight with you sugar. You are sugar!
~ to send out a hug to my friend vina... 'cause I haven't in too long and she's way way too precious.
~ and some consoling thoughts and hand holding out to my friend rougescheveux and some sorry for your families loss...

Ok... you cannot believe how behind I am on birthdays... I feel like a crummy friend. However... it's just a thing with me and I'll deal by... well, doing something about it. Server upgrade and birthday wishes... my computer related goals for the day. :D

See ya

one out of three is find by me. :D

well... ok, it's 12:50 and time for an update...
I still need a shower.

Apple Spice pancakes were a total no-go, as both juniors hear me say "something evil this way comes" when, I actually said "Hey guys... Look, yummi apple spice pancakes.".
I made normal pancakes (because I'm weak that way) after eating a mess of apple spice pancakes myself. :D (they were yummi).

The banana bread smelled wonderful cooking but, alas... earwax. Both loaves failed to rise and the resulting bricks will make good door stoppers.

On a good note... A Bridge. Geo finished his "structure". We used these "notched popsicle sticks" Z got at a craft store, plastacine (sp?), tinfoil, masking tape (everything has to use masking tape because the boys freaking LOVE to play with it... I mean, Ed got a roll of masking tape for his birthday last year and was ecstatic!!), and markers. And Geo did do the lions share of the work... really! :D

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Regarding the little issue I had Saturday morning with someone using my icons and name...

The guy was given a journal suspension (I don't know how long, but he'll be back). After I asked him to remove the offending icon and he only changed his default. I then contacted Lj-abuse I received complete service from the LJ abuse team. I did act the heavy here because it was a copyright issue, and because it associated my journal name with a very offensive journal bio. I can easily see circumstances where a simple email exchange with another journaler would have solved a small problem and, in fact, I have had such exchanges before. This, however, was not so simple. It is over... unless he or his buddies get all pissy but that's life. I stand by my actions.