January 11th, 2003



EDIT on Sunday Night!!
The guy that I'm talking about in the mini bitch fest below was given a journal suspension (I don't know how long, but he'll be back) after I asked him to remove the offending icon and he only changed his default. I received complete service from the LJ abuse team and I did act the heavy here because it was a copyright issue, and because it associated my journal name with a very offensive journal bio. I can easily see circumstances where a simple email exchange with another journaler would have solved a small problem and, in fact, I have had such exchanges before. This, however, was not so simple. It is over... unless he or his buddies get all pissy but that's life. I stand by my actions.

You know... there's such a thing as "Sopranos Afterglow"... a period of time following the watching of three episodes back to back during which you are prone to swearing your head off and beating loved ones. :)
Note to self: avoid human contact, if you're gonna watch three episodes of that show, for at least 12 hours. :D

~ wake up sweats with a hoodie
~ to have visitors (hi luker and reens)
~ to rant (in a second)
~ to visit WallyLand
~ for some advice...

Ok... I have a problem...
~ and no jokes about "what? only one?" LOL...

A friend took a moment to point out to me something that I'm trying to internalize - and am having some problems with...

Take a look at this user;
... notnotbradream

Take a look at this post...

A big part of me wants to be pissed off.
A bigger part knows that I will get nowhere with that feeling.

I think it sucks that someone would actually steal the icon and use it... but I think it's mucho worse that this person holds so much contempt for me. It makes me wonder what I do to deserve this kind of thing?

People can be dicks sometimes.