January 7th, 2003



Do you know who Vince Lombardi is? He was a coach for the Green Bay packers in the 1960s... he was the man.
Here's a couple of quotes from "the man"...
Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is!
In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.
... I'm telling you... there's a lot in those words.

~ black ftls
~ brand new uber comfy fat sox
~ beige p-z jeans
~ black t with my new p-z beige turtleneck... (Yeah, I know....)
~ to talk to my friend luker because, apparently, I'm a total spaz with Apache 2.x
~ RFP documentation
~ Sun hardward purchase planning
~ training requests...
~ a little Sopranos tonight?
~ ok, after the freaking amazing response to the "when was your last" post yesterday, I could be making wishes for you guys all day!!!! I love that you respond to that stuff with such openness... I mean, have you read that thread... it's liberating in the honesty and pretty damn cute in the execution... :)
~ that my sweet friend kaylee's wee family gets better quick ... no more sickies in January.!!
~ er... paperdoil... you too!! on the "Get better" parade... A healthy Amy smiles more... and you have a beautiful smile sugar.
~ to send out a warm and squeeze'en smile to chandos... just 'cause.
~ that ladyfire doesn't end up with any 22 year olds impaled on the hood ornament of her car...
~ for some kind of a long distance call to sneak up on a sweet friend bramey.... everyone deserves to shiver. :D
~ the sleep-gods find their way to debby's house and gives that little sugar a break!!!
~ for the images of udders and asses to get out of duhneese's mind quick... yikes ....
~ to send out a friendly hand to a new friend huakai and maybe get a good grip on her... hard 'nuf to let her know it's a loving world...
~ that designdiva is enjoying life in LA and the new digs... (like there's any question...lol... congrats on the new place sugar)

So I went to beavers last night...
and was immediately grabbed to "volunteer" because they were short a beaver leader... :)
It was "game" night... so they wanted me to play games with the beavers...
believe me when I say this sounds like a lot more fun than it was.
Little monsters... :D hahaha...
At one point I was looking seriously at 5 little beavers and telling them that if they didn't
start sharing and settle down I'd have to teach them the "secret evil beaver pinch"
and promised them that it would not be a fun lesson.
This, of course, resulted in 5 little screaming beavers rushing madly off in all directions...
so "evil beaver pincher leader guy" (me) was running all over the place chasing them....
making giant pinching jestures with two hands and trying to not notice the morose look
on the senior head-beaver as he considered regret in asking for my help. hahahaha...

Ok... I gotta get to work... see ya.
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however, spicy chicken, shrimp, rice and baby peas will help to distract me from the evil white stuff.
(and enough with the "souther snow envy"... ya want it sooooo much... come visit. :D)