January 6th, 2003



I had MuchMusic (the Canadian version of MTV, sorta) on briefly yesterday and from another room in the house I could see that "Ed the Sock" (this kinda sock puppet host thing) was doing some bit on Christina Agu-vulva or whatever her name is... and they were showing the scene from the "dirty" video where she is all Boxer Like sittin on a stool and spitting into this bucket... and I guess the joke had to do with her spitting... they kept showing it... and I mean, yeah, I can dig the irony... She spits... yeah right.
um... is that irony? ever since that Alanis Morrisette Irony song and everybody having a blast pointing out that none of her examples were actually "irony" ... I've been irony reference shy... but still it's Christina spitting... so whaddeva. :)

~ a smile...
~ gray ftls
~ kahki cargos
~ black T with my new favorite sweater (*bluenotes dk blue job with a red & gray stripe)
~ killa killa killa busy day sorting out what schedules I will have to keep for the next two months... I have two new contracts to get through.
~ paperwork backchecking Decembers time sheets...
~ listen to a lot of music !!!!
~ hurry home after work so I can be with my sugar. ;)
~ and I'm back at work... word... so the [ corto werk-cam ] is back. :D
~ that my friend kimmellee would get a sweet break right away! Girl deserves some good breaks and good vibes.
~ to congratulate my pal queenveets on night number one in the new house... I mean, if there were evil spirits there you'd have beem mutilated last night... so it's all good from here on out. :D (ps. save your pennies and buy a king size bed baybee... once you live king... you just can't go back!)
~ for a bottle of viox to show up in sandcat's mailbox. :)
~ that wolfiegirl gets a good sleep... it's 2003! and that girl is gonna get some good sleeps this year!!! (yes, that's an order...)
~ that duhneese gets a pic of the betty paige bangs on Allie... and go you mommy for letting her do the colour... (speaking from experience... hair colour = fun and harmless)
~ to share a smile with misskris because she's got such a happy vibe... :)
~ I had plenty of time to cruise lj ... but I just don't... (sad but what can ya do)

It's a snowy day and apparently it's supposed to snow a bunch this week... Yup... January in Canada... just bite me. And I'm supposed to drive to Montreal a lot??? wooopie...
Ok, time to go meet some boss action and get busy...

Have a glorious Monday... :)
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