January 5th, 2003



Well... see... that was fun!

Me the hottie dropped kidlettes to be sat on at my parents house
and then drove the half hour tour-de-slippery-road to the casino/hotel
complex in Ottawa's (Ontario) sister city, Hull (Quebec)...
just across the Ottawa river.

We arrived a little late to find mostly no one from my division there...
but the room was packed with people none-the-less.
The corp exec CEO dude... the dude that just got overruled by the
board to sell the whole company to the "take over bid" makers was
there and made a short speech about blah blah blah and "it's not
over till it's over" and from what I can tell... um... it's over.
So I dunno what he was talking about.

We sat with a very nice couple... he is a brand new employee and she,
his wife is taking care of four (count 'em 1,2,3,4) boys... 3 & 4 are twins.
They were very nice. It was nice too for z 'cause it wasn't like she was
at a table with people I already knew. We all got to know one another together. :)

BTW... this is the couple... and, although it doesn't really show as much
as real life in this picture, she has a real Nichole Kidman thing going on.

There was dancing and merry making...
The entertainment crew had these events...

that netted participants "tickets" that, come the end of the night, were
used for drawing door prizes. I was dancing with coworker wearing this
killa red sequined jacket at one point...

Z was the grand prize (many "tickets") winner in this bizarre musical chair
game which involved much running and rushing...

We won a door prize... this very very nice basket of goodies...
everything from smoked Atlantic salmon to gourmet antipastos and jams, etc.

After the dancing, etc... we decided to pack it in and went to the casino...
I took a quick picture of the two loveliest women in the ballroom. Noting
that, Karen deserves this... she was the employee dressed as an "elf" in my
post a while back about the kids christmas party at work. She does "woman
in smashing dress" much better than "elf". :D

Suzanne, of course, is just freaking radiant. I was receiving a steady stream of comments
tonight on how great z made that dress look. She was wearing the necklace that kristylicious
made (see http://www.mylittlepretty.com to see what I'm talking about) made as part of a
christmas prezzi from me to z and it just went perfectly with the dress.

The casino was fun... they've finally banned smoking in the building so the air
is passable and they have allowed dice in there now so we went and played
at the craps table for an hour and a bit... we left with exactly what we began with
and played a lot... so I'm calling that a good win.

Then it was a cautious drive home, picking up the kiddies en route.

A wonderful night with a beautiful woman on my arm.


(no reason... I just love these books.... :D)

So this is the last day of the "time off at christmas" thing... two weeks ...
This has been a fantastic christmas vacation. Easily the best in years.

~ gray ftls
~ hoodie sweatshirt
~ warm sox...
~ well, pants fit in there somewhere...
~ a lazy last day of vacation...
~ Alias is new tonight!!
~ to do a little html for my friend nbbmom who should have chillcam downloaded by now?? :D
~ I had remembered to return xXx yesterday...
~ to point out that pookfreak is really kinda precious...
~ that I get to talk to my friend jen (jennfromtx) again soon.
~ January was a thing of the past... I'm going to have such a screaming busy January at work... ick.
~ that you have a wonderful Sunday. :D

Clones, War, Corporate Takeovers, and a Matrix sequel... 2003 is gonna be a weird one.

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arguing with George;

"how come Ed gets a treat and I don't?!!!"
"I offered you both a lollipop... Ed said yes... you said no."
"but he gets a treat and I get NOTHING?"
"George, there's a bowl of potatoe chips right there... what's wrong with those?"
"I don't like the big ones... and I've eaten all the little ones..."
pause... pause... pause...
"Well break them!"
pause... pause... pause...
crack crack crack....